Did Avenged Sevenfold change ‘Hail to the King’ artwork?

Posted by on July 17, 2013

Avenged-Sevenfold-Hail-to-the-KingDid Avenged Sevenfold mean for the initial artwork for Hail To The King to be released to the media, or did they realize that it was just terrible? Either way, it appears to have been replaced with improved graphics.

According to numerous sources, the artwork first seen for the album (out on August 27) is not the cover art for the actual album. In fact, it wasn’t even the finished cover artwork for the single, which made its way online and on radio earlier this week.

Apparently THIS was the original cover for the single:

Avenged-Sevenfold-Hail-to-the-King-New-Single-ArtAnd now a completely different album cover (the one seen above) is being marketed through the band’s website and on iTunes

We must admit, we were a little scared ourselves when the oddly shaded 3D images came in front of our eyes. No matter what the story behind the artistic decision, we are glad balance has been restored to the album art universe.

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  • Name says:

    People were saying the original cover was a rip off of the artwork for the Lich King album World Gone Dead so they changed it. I guess they decided that ripping off the Overkill logo was much better marketing?

  • Like a Boss says:

    I realize the deathbat was Overkill’s, but all in all, much better choice. The orginal art seemed like a poorly detailed City of Evil style cover, except with the whole “Hail to the King” theme. I was pleasantly surprised by the much classier and simpler art when I downloaded the single. But what really matters is the sound. Hail to the King was nice, but it wasn’t a “Nightmare” or “Beast and the Harlot.” Basically fine, but a little monotonous and not their best. Hope the rest of the album improves, but for now I won’t preorder.

  • Will says:

    The artwork they should have used — http://instagram.com/p/b7r70Yl3UB/

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