Thank God, The Wait Is Over: Methods Of Mayhem Returns

Posted by on July 29, 2009

Methods_of_MayhemFrom the “holy shit I managed to completely forget that ever happened” file: Tommy Lee’s late ’90s Crazy Town-esque shitshow Methods of Mayhem is back, and snagged a worldwide deal with Roadrunner Records’ Loud & Proud imprint.

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  • Zach S

    I use to like Methods of Mayhem…. when I was 10 years old and thought Limp Bizkit ruled. I guess this is better then seeing a
    “Tommy Lee’s Rock of Love” reality show.

  • T Mackie

    They ain’t leavin till ya sleepin on a cum stain! You know that right?

  • Zach S

    Update, it seems the deal is actually with Loud & Proud Records, which is an imprint of Roadrunner focusing on already established acts. This makes ALOT more sense. No way a label on the look out for major acts or new comers with an aim to hit huge would take a chance on Lee’s rap rock band. NO WAY! Yes, it is still technically Roadrunner who signed them, but this puts the band on the same label with artists like Ratt, Lynard Skynard, and Sammy Hagar (aka, artists who arnt taken that seriously anymore).
    I only mention this cause Blabbermouth didnt include this when they first announced this.

  • I actually assumed that it would be on L&P, that’s where this stuff goes. Doesn’t make it any less ridiculous that this band exists.

  • Zach S

    Oh ok. And very true Dan, very true.