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Linkin Park’s DJ is going to the ‘Mall’

Posted by on August 12, 2014

Many probably known Joe Hahn as the DJ in Linkin Park. However, he’s directed a number of videos for his band, as well as for Static-X and System of a Down, among others. He’s also directed the trailer for the Medal of Honor game. That’s why it makes sens that he’s branching out into actually directing his […]

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This documentary about Metallica’s 1984 1st headlining European show is great

Posted by on July 30, 2014

It’s hard to remember, but Metallica wasn’t always the biggest metal band in the world. In fact, back in 1984, on tour in Europe for the first time, they accidentally headlined in the small Dutch village of Zwaagwesteinde (De Westereen), their first European headline show ever. In a half hour documentary, called How Metallica Raised Hell in […]

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Joe Hahn of Linkin Park’s debut film, ‘Mall,’ to screen at Nerd HQ in San Diego

Posted by on July 16, 2014

While Joe Hahn is well known as Linkin Park’s turntablist and programmer, he’s also directed well over 20 of the band’s music videos (not to mention other bands’ videos and short films). However, soon Hahn will be making his full feature debut with the film Mall. And next Thursday (July 24), the film will have […]

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Watch Rob Zombie’s NSFW trailer for new film ’31′

Posted by on May 16, 2014

Well, you can’t say that  Rob Zombie doesn’t know his way around a compelling image. Following The Lords of Salem (and a Woolite commercial), the singer/director today unveiled the trailer for his new horror project 31. It’s really a NSFW greatest hits of his film career leading up to the reveal of a single image, a demented-looking […]

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Trailer for Johan Hegg-starring ‘Northmen – a Viking Saga’ released

Posted by on May 8, 2014

Earlier today, Deadline unveiled the international trailer for Northmen – A Viking Saga. As you might remember, one of the stars of the film is Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg, but thanks to this trailer, you now have a chance to see him in action. The film will first be released in Germany before rolling out throughout the […]

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