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Grooveshark added to Google’s pirate busting filter

Posted by on July 24, 2013

Adding to its list of predators, Grooveshark is now on Google’s blacklist for anti-piracy searching filters. The search engine has eliminated the Autocomplete option for the music sharing site as it similarly has done for curse words and certain parts of the human anatomy. TorrentFreak first discovered the elimination. As they explain, Google’s piracy blacklist […]

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Trent Reznor Calls Out Streaming Services For Taking Advantage Of Artists

Posted by on June 26, 2013

Now that Nine Inch Nails is coming back with a new album and constantly changing lineup, Trent Reznor is making his way around the press circuit. However, during a recent radio interview on The Kevin & Bean Show, Reznor further discussed the new music streaming service he’s been working on with Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine […]

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Are There More Metalheads In Miami Than Any Other City?

Posted by on June 25, 2013

When you think of the biggest cities for metal, which ones come to mind? If you’re a concert booker, the largest markets (New York, Philly, Chicago, Boston) probably come to mind. If you think historically, there are many cities that have spawned metal scenes, like Athens GA, Richmond VA or Austin TX. However, Amazon today […]

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Still Downloading Music Illegally? You’re On Notice

Posted by on February 26, 2013

Yesterday, the Copyright Alert System was launched in America. If you’re a normal person and consume your music via Spotify, Pandora, YouTube or sites like this one, you’ve got nothing to worry about. And even if you still illegally download music, you don’t have that much to worry about yet, but consider yourself on notice. […]

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Led Zeppelin Coming To Online Streaming Services Soon

Posted by on January 8, 2013

Led Zeppelin is unarguably one of the biggest bands to ever exist in rock music (just ask President Obama). So would having exclusive rights to stream their vast catalog be a major grab for any streaming subscription service? Hell yeah it would! And apparently such a deal could come to fruition very shortly. According to The New […]

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