Vista Chino Drummer Brant Bjork’s Top 5: Stoner Rock And Metal Bands

Posted by on August 5, 2013

brantIf anyone can be considered an expert of weed-inspired music, it’s Brant Bjork. Not only was he the time keeper behind seminal stoner rockers Kyuss, but continues the tradition with Visto Chino (also featuring his Kyuss bandmate John Garcia). In anticipation of the group’s debut album Peace, out September 3 via Napalm Records, we asked the drummer to pick his top 5 favorite stoner bands. However, Bjork went even further and gave us TWO lists, one of his five favorite stoner rock bands and the other listing his favorite stoner metal bands. Check out both of his lists by clicking the page tabs below.

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  • Marisa

    Brant Bjork, let me just say thanks for existing man, and for making such an incredible music

  • voodooidol

    No metal bands in this list.Sleep piss all these “top” bands any day…except Kyuss of course.

  • SRON

    finally a list that i like. I think that 6-10 could include Buzzoven, Grief, Bongzilla, Spaceboy, Eyehategod, etc.

  • BatmansLostBacon

    Sleep is one tab over under the “metal” list.

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  • Mongoose

    Guy mentions both Kyuss and Fu Manchu but they aren’t in the top 5?? WOW!!

  • hushsky

    maybe because he was a member of both kyuss and fu manchu he didnt put them in there …he’s a bit more humble then to do that

  • Mongoose

    You right, my fault man.

  • voodooidol

    You are right.I’m dumb 🙂

  • Langbeinet

    Am I stoned or aren’t they his number 1 & 2 bands on the list?

  • radarlover

    Celestial Season best stoner band after Kyuss albums Orange and Chrome are amazing,

  • Vicky

    Very auto-promoish. By the way, where’s the european stoner scene ?

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  • jeff

    no Colour Haze??!

  • Larri Capija


  • tim

    karma to burn dude, karma to burn

  • Aintit

    European desert rock scene maybe? From great european deserts of course. It’s just my opinion, but I think european stoner bands are pretty much unnatural and funny in most cases.

  • Mr Dibs

    hey, he forgot Hawkwind!!! 😉

  • Luke

    Acid Bath, Electric Wizard, Earthride, Weedeater, Om, Shrinebuilder…

  • Fabricator Mentas

    bandas de Chile:
    Hielo Negro.
    The Ganjas.
    ufomammut de italia

  • AdriaanDR

    That’s a really weird logic you’ve got there, we have to have deserts to also have great stoner bands? Most of the awesome stonerrock festivals are also in.. yeah, Europe… such as Roadburn, Duna Jam, Stoned hand of Doom, Stoned from the Underground, Desertfest UK, Desertfest Berlin, etc. and yeah, there are US bands on the lineup, quite a few, but there’s a good deal of great European stoner bands.

  • Scott Vogler

    Yawning Man!

  • Slippy

    Very promotional

  • namreg

    Los Natas – ciudad de brahaman Δ

  • Aintit

    I enjoy listening to some euro-stoner like Truckfighters or Stoned Jesus, but I have to admit – most european bands just copy what was once done in USA. I see this whole “european desert” more like a metaphore – you can hear some original stuff very rarely.

  • Joshua ‘Squire’ Mcdowell

    Orange goblin, black mountain, Wiht, truckfighters.

  • Bigmoose

    Produced by Dale Crover, The Melvins drummer

  • Bigmoose

    WARHORSE !!!

  • Dillinger

    You sir have obviously no idea what you are talking about. For a very long time, there has nothing come out of USA as innovative and good as Colourhaze and Rotor and thats juuuust the tip.

  • dickburger


  • Aintit

    I’ll definetly give it a chance. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but often bands quoted as great stoner from Europe like… hm Dozer for example disappoints me. Which is sad cause I’m an european and I’d love to hear some great new stuff from here.

  • Will

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY_1pCva3Rg This is great stoner rock!

  • Will
  • Dillinger

    Try some Parasol Caravan from Austrria for example. 🙂

  • ann

    Agreed! CH would be in top three on my list for sure!

  • ann

    I suggest you widen your radar, there are TONS of great European desert rock bands that follow their own drummer’s beat!

  • Jrussel

    Orange goblin… /thread

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  • Kostas

    1000mods re mouia! Best stoner is the greek one…..

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