Exclusive Premiere of Jungle Rot’s “Ruthless Omnipotence,” Plus Win A Prize Pack

Posted by on November 4, 2013

JungleRot_RuthlessOmnipotence_MetalInsiderIt’s been a damn good year for Jungle Rot. Not only have they been touring non-stop, but their latest album Terror Regime continues to melt faces nation-wide. And that’s why we’re excited to premiere the music video for one of heaviest riff-oriented tracks, “Ruthless Omnipotence.”

But that’s not all! In addition to premiering the video for “Ruthless Omnipotence” (as seen below), we’re also giving fans the chance to win the ultimate Jungle Rot prize package. This includes 2 t-shirts, a poster, AND a copy of Terror Regime (as pictured here). All you have to do is leave a comment below explaining which is your favorite song off Terror Regime and why. We’ll pick three winners at random by Thursday, November 7 (sorry, but this contest is open to U.S. residents only).

So check out the new video for “Ruthless Omnipotence” below and then leave a comment for your chance to win an amazing prize pack from Jungle Rot.

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  • Douglas

    Rage Through the Wasteland.Whole Album sounds Great though.

  • Deryk Warbringer Wehrley

    my personal favorite song on Terror Regime has got to be Rage Through The Wasteland! its one of those songs that really paint a picture in my head and i love when a song can do that. It makes me think of movies like The Road Warrior or Doomsday. i can just see a tank decorated with skulls and bones followed by hundreds of soldiers wearing make shift armor marching into a huge fight in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. its PERFECT!!!!

  • Scorn is my first but this track is a close second. This album totally reminds me of how metal once was in the good ole days. Keep slaying, Rotsters!

  • Tom Martino

    Rage through the Wasteland is my favourite song. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I am trudging through a nuclear desert, on my way to fight the mutant army.

  • Adam Sloth Killander

    That face crushing riff combined with the drums at 1:34…
    One of the best parts of the whole album!

  • Matt Tomashek

    I like the track Carpet Bombing because of the war like visual it brings to mind, along with the killer drums and riffage. The entire album kicks ass!!

  • Billy

    Every single song on the album is my favorite, so much riffage, what more needs to be said, they’re like the American Vader, so proud to have seen them at my first show

  • Dmitriy Korabelnikov

    Awesome doom metal amazing artwork hands down great band that should be playing bigger venues!

  • Dmitriy Korabelnikov

    oh best song is ruthless omnipotence catchy title sounds great and makes me want to rage with my head down ripping up the pit

  • Sharon Rose

    Fave song on new album: Blind Devotion. Why? Because the lyrics hit home and the fast beats rip my head apart!


  • Aaron Christison

    One of my favorites off the album. It just crushes! I’m hoping they do a sixth video for Pronounced Dead!

  • Jim Ninnemann

    Terror Regime. Feels like you are in a unstoppable tank, driving over the corpses of dead enemies, firing countless high explosive cannon rounds at an endless assault wave, with nothing stopping you in the process.

  • Jimmy Florian

    Though all of the songs on the new Terror Regime album are good out of all of them my favorite song is Scorn. It has a simple but yet awesome name. Also especially the way the guitars are played and bass is makes it even better. The song in general is amazing.

  • Justin Herrmann

    Rage Through the Wasteland is my favorite song off this killer album. It’s so brutal, and that part right before the solo, “FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE!” So fucking awesome!!

  • Anthony Cooney

    Favorite song is Utter chaos!!!! Huge bloody fan in Chicago.

  • SirPasty McSmashington

    Blind Devotion: Because,



    Also put it on vinyl please, i m not gunna win anything because the UK isnt metal enough i guess but still.

    Thanks m/(-.-)m/

  • Pete

    Nice video – very brutal.

  • UFO

    “I Am Hatred”
    Steady, aggressive, and brutal.
    Crushing breakdown!

  • Benton Stegemoeller

    Carpet Bombing is my favorite.
    JR drops the payload and obliterates the listener with that track!

  • Slag666

    Rage Through The Wasteland because it slays!!!

  • Sexy Beastman

    Hard to choose, so I’ll pick a random one: Utter Chaos
    Fast and aggressive, it just slays!

  • james

    its too hard to pick this whole album fucking slays

  • tad oldham

    scorn for sure whole albums rips though im from there home town and everything this band has done is pure american death metal and hasnt changed hope they keep it going for many years more

  • Paul Ochtrup

    Just one song? Bastards! O.k., just one… “Ruthless Omnipotence” – killer riffs and the lyrics are spot on: “…Don’t count on Providence- Ruthless Omnipotence!!!”

  • Ronn John

    Ruthless Omnipotence
    Why? Because this track is loaded with sick riffs! And the lyrics just flow so well.
    Also, badass video!!!!

  • Nomad

    I Don’t Need Society
    JR has a great taste in music! The perfect cover.

  • Peter J.

    Voice Your Disgust
    Great opener for the album. Crushing chorus, badass solo, and the lyrics are simply the truth!

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    Rage Through the Wasteland
    The slower songs always get me.

  • Adam Roesner

    i am Hatred. badasss all the way through. killer lyrics and the rythm section is spot on

  • Serena Roesner

    carpet bombing . its a hardcore muthafucka

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