Win A Copy Of ASG’s ‘Blood Drive’ And A Poster

Posted by on June 11, 2013

You already know that we’re fans of ASG’s new album, Blood Drive. The band’s first album for Relapse (and fifth overall) expands on the band’s sound, equal parts Torche and Jane’s Addiction, to create an album that’s equal parts catchy and heavy, sunny and dark. We’re not the only ones that think so, as Pitchfork is also digging on them. Don’t trust us? Take a listen to the album below. Now the good news – we’re giving away two copies of the album, along with a poster. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the section below, and you’ll be entered. We’ll pick two winners at the end of the week. Sorry, world residents, this is open to U.S. only. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

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  • Shane

    killer band! m/

  • Cal Caroso

    Children.s Music..can we just play that in day cares everywhere ? Stat Metal m/

  • Λειν Βραιαντ

    Will be seeing them with Mastodon in August…

  • Erik Salazar

    Love this band. I see nothing but great things for them. Amazing album!

  • Chuckles

    This album was even better than Win Us Over…looking forward to seeing them on tour sometime this year

  • Dave Karrer

    ASG kicks ASS!

  • Jory

    Great album, got into these guys from the 7″ split with Black Tusk. Can’t wait to see

  • Nick Carosello

    such a good album

  • Hex

    would love to grab a copy of this!

  • Dingo Bonecrusher

    Love this band! Win Us Over was a great album.

  • Michael Benson

    This band is awesome. Loving this album so much!

  • William Flytrap Parker

    I love the track that was in Splatterhouse!!!!

  • James Carpenter

    great album! great bandd!

  • Gage Managhan

    Love the band and the album!

  • Ryan Sheldon

    Great album.

  • goatfairy

    Rock on!

  • Francisco

    So… US is not part of the world??

  • Trey

    All your posters are belong to me.

  • One Louder Magazine

    Blood Drive has been on repeat for the past couple of weeks. I can’t wait to catch their Seattle show next month! I hope to win this package 🙂

  • Jim

    I’ve been a long time fan. Love this Band.

  • Chip McCabe

    I’m not eligible for this am I? Want!

  • Alex Batess

    Would love to win an ASG poster, cant wait to see these guys live again!

  • CellarDoorMatt

    I have been a fan of ASG for ten years. Discovered them when I was 15 and they were my first contact with stoner. Gret band, great album, nothing else to say.

  • NattyJ

    Love ASG and would be so stoked to have a copy of Blood Drive and poster!!!!!!! Can’t wait for them to come to Asheville soon! Pleeaasssse, pick me!!! This album is badass and I need it! Thanks

  • ryreed

    Great album! Very excited to pick up a copy, but would love to win it instead.

  • Bill Goodwin

    Looking forward to hearing the entire album!

  • Jeremy Tart

    Asg epitomize what is great about heavy rock and metal. Great tunes

  • Alex

    Come on, there needs to be at least one copy sent to South Africa. So send it my way.

  • fromhell13

    I’m going to see them on the 27th. Sure would be cool to get them to sign that poster.

  • Matt Landrum

    Great album, love it all the way through.

  • Pestilence

    I saw jesus on a potato chip once.

  • Adri

    Kelt people from France (brittany) is listening to the music of the american shamans!

  • Sonya Burrows

    Yes please!

  • Warren G Crowder

    Go on get you some what you lookin’ for.

  • Jules

    Come on, spread the love to the UK fans!!!

  • Pete

    this album kicks complete ass… want! thanks in advance 😉

  • Nick

    Want to hear some super heavy music with super awesome singing? ASG fits the bill. They fucking rule

  • Brandon Wayne Milliron

    ASG is not just some random newer band, they have the right influences and deserve more recognition!!!

  • dprvt1

    Days Work is the best new soundtrack to summer 2013 song imo.

  • Ryan Fairfield

    This new album is a mind-blower. I would love a copy/poster. m/

  • Jorge Regula

    Queens of the Stone Age,
    Truckfighters.. all summer ever summer.


  • LeJu

    Very good album, abck to listening to Win Us Over too !

  • Alexander Scott

    This album has been one of the best discoveries of 2013 for me. It’s rare these days to be so excited by a band that I email/facebook spam all my friends and say YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS! But that’s just what I’ve been doing with Blood Drive – amazing hooks, melodies and all round awesome vibe. A classic… no seriously!

  • Dave Kaminsky

    Just discovered this band and can’t get enough!

  • Noah Gabriel Rodriguez

    Saw them play with Weedeater and Cough. Tight band, nice dudes too.

  • Ellen

    Beautiful artwork, too.

  • Sludgy DOOM

    Stoner Rock will never die!

  • JohnJacobJingleheimerSchmidt

    I hope I win. This album rules.