Win A Copy Of Death’s New Live Album ‘Vivus!’

Posted by on February 27, 2012

Tomorrow (February 28), Relapse Records will be releasing Vivus!, a two disc album featuring live  recordings of Death’s final lineup performing at the Whisky A Go-Go in LA and at Holland’s Dynamo Open Air in 1998. This live compilation is a must have for any diehard fan of the legendary death metal group and late Chuck Schuldiner.

However, we’re giving away two copies of Death’s new live album Vivus! for free. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in the section below telling us your favorite song from Death. We’ll be choosing two winners by Thursday, March 1. Multiple entries will be disqualified, and the contest is open to U.S. residents only (sorry, rest of world).

As we’ve said before, we only have two copies of this awesome live compilation, which also includes unearthed photos and liner notes from Death drummer Richard Christy and long-time manager Eric Greif. So don’t forget that you can purchase Vivus! via Relapse’s webstore and Death’s Facebook page. If you still want to try your luck at winning a free copy, then leave a comment below now before it’s too late.

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  • Dluchsin79

    One of the most inspiring bands ever, always pushing boundaries both lyrically and musically!!!!

  • I’d have to pick “Low Life” as my favorite.

  • Heroicdose

    Hard to pick a favorite but ill say “Story to Tell”

    Death will never get the credit they deserve, and Chuck was a musical genius who will never be recognized for it.

  • DrummerJake57

     I have 3, Jesus Saves. St. Anger. and ZERO TOLERANCE…

  • Casey

    Baptized In Blood

  • Cobalt 0718

    Living Monstrosity is the first Death song I ever heard, Ohh the memories

  • Death_4_life

    agreed… it’s a moment i clearly remember and won’t ever forget… i’d heard the bulk of the first album, and then a buddy put that on and, for me, it was well-above material from any other bands i’d heard up to that point, and the list was already a lengthy one in that regard. my favorite track off my favorite death album, top-notch m/

  • Conan6500

    Empty Words is my favorite Death song. I picked up Symbolic at a flea market for ten cents. That album is what hooked me on extreme metal. Best find ever.

  • Carla_garbo

    There’s no simple way to express in a couple of words what Death’s music makes me feel, but I remember the chills I felt when I first listened to the band. It stroke me heavily and since then I’ve been a huge fan. Unfortunately I never saw them live so the best way to feel those amazing chills are imagining myself in front row while listening to their album, I’m pretty sure Vivus! would get me there. I would be extremely thrilled and happy to win one of this copies, I would be eternally grateful!! My favorite song is “Voice of the soul”, it’s just mind-blowing, there hasn’t been and never will be another breathtaking song like this one. Thank you for the opportunity and long live Chuck Schuldiner!! PS: I’m from Florida too, so you know how much this means to me… 

  • Maell Vicinti

    Spirit Crusher. That bass at the beginning always puts a smile on my face.

  • Warlock1180

    I think Altering the future has to be one of my favorite songs from Death. The lyrics he puts in that song just amazes me. How much he talks about how our system works. Like claiming insanity. An excuting people who actually deserve the death penalty. R.I.P Chuck

  • Chupacabra133

    Flattening of Emotions!!!

  • Misha Torres

    Bueno, ire al punto, Gracias Chuck por todo, gracias por tu musica,
    gracias por tu filosofia, gracias por la persona que eres, gracias por
    salvarme la vida mas de una vez, gracias por todo amigo! Descubrí a Death (Official)
    este año, tambien te conocí este año, tengo tan solo 16 años… 16,
    tenia 6 años cuando dejaste este mundo y aun asi siento como si te
    conociera desde toda la vida… Es
    increible lo importante que es tu musica para la gente hoy en dia. Sea
    donde estes espero que estes feliz por tus logros, por la persona que
    fuiste y eres…. Tu solo nos dejaste, pero no has muerto, tu moriras
    cuando se te olvide, y ese dia nunca llegara. Te he conocido mejor
    gracias a amigos tuyos, tales como Scott, Shannon, Eric, Bobby, Steve, Tim, Kelly,
    Richard, Gene (lastima que no te tenga como amigo en Facebook), entre
    muchos otros mas, sus fotos, sus relatos, todo lo que ellos han echo me
    ha enseñado el tipo de persona que eres, lo potente que fue tu sonrisa
    para ellos como para el resto del mundo y mucho mas importante,
    comprender mas a tu musica… Agradezco poder escuchar todos los dias
    tus grandiosos solos y riffs, escuchar a tu alma hablar, escucharte a
    ti. Gracias Chuck, descansa en paz… Me despido con una de tus mas hermosas canciones… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju5S5sluajA

  • Evildeadftw

    Zombie Ritual, the second song i ever heard from them. That awesome arabian scale-esque intro still gives me creeps!

  • rattleh3ad

    Scavenger of Human Sorrow

    If you doubt what I say

    I will make you believe

    Shallow are words

    From those who starve

    For a dream not their own to

    (receive a free copy of Death’s new live album)!

  • Giannis84

    Lack of Comprehension is the best song of Death… m/

  • Pastier04

    Song Perennial Quest…end of this song is very beatufil and sad emotional are there  ,,/ R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner 

  • AleksaDM

    fuck yea!

  • SamFeist

    Flattening of Emotions!! Great song, perfect way to open the “Human” album! I love it!!

  • exactly. i’ll never forget either, you can’t ignore a song that gives you chills and goosebumps. remember thinking “holy crap what just happened!” lol then listening to the words and realizing how good it is to hear something from the soul, real art, not just some dudes trying to be cool. Awesome song, the way it just builds up and builds then Bam!! Blows you away with a natural high. Okay I’m done… hehe 🙂

  • Fing

    I’ve got to go with Spirit Crusher

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  • Frank Hamilton

    Bite The Pain’s my favorite original, though the Painkiller cover is just unreal.

    I do think everybody here should buy a copy anyway – let’s support Chuck’s family as much as we can!

  • Tomek

    Crystal Mountain – love this song, great Band, great Chuck!

  • brent benson

    Chuck one of the inventors of the original brutal death metal,then the creator and perfector of tecnical death metal.his contribution is immeasurable,for someone in a band called death he put so much life in music.chuck your legacy lives forever thrash on.

  • Tobias

    Hard decision but I would have to say Spiritual Healing. That song/album is what got me into playing guitar. It was (and still is) the heaviest thing I had ever heard, way back in the early 90s when I first got into Death and death metal.


    I would have to say “Baptized in Blood”.  I remember seeing Death live when this disc came out, i WAS ROUGHLY 15 OR 16 AT THE TIME,  and going nuts in the pit for this song!!!! 
    R.I.P EVIL CHUCK!!!!!!!!

  • Scream Bloody Gore – Sacrificial / Baptized in Blood / Zombie Ritual
    Leprosy – Left to Die / Born Dead / Pull the Plug
    Spiritual Healing – Defensive Personalities / Genetic Reconstruction
    Human – Suicide Machine / Together as One / Secret Face / LoC
    That fucking bass solo in Cosmic Sea
    Individual Thought Patterns – Overactive Imagination / In Human Form / Jealousy / TiaC / Destiny / The Philosopher (Easily the most underrated album, and also my favorite).
    Symbolic – Symbolic / Zero Tolerance / Empty Words / 1,000 Eyes / Without Judgement / Crystal Mountain / Misanthrope (One of the most perfect transitioning albums I’ve ever heard hands down).
    The Sound of Perseverance – SoHS / Bite the Pain / SPIRIT CRUSHER!! Story to Tell / F&tPiH / Voice of the Soul / TFitS / A Moment of Clarity

    Just your ordinary Death fan here. Words can’t express the feelings experienced when I listen to Chuck’s music. RIP Chuck, my hero m/

  • Would you describe her more as a Scavenger of Human Sorrow, or a Spirit Crusher? Both perhaps?

  • Trapped in a Corner was also for me the song that got me into Death. Spirit Crusher sealed the deal. Own and love every album. Wish I could have met Chuck. Seemed like he was like no other. Cheers m/

  • I would have to say Killing Spree off of Spiritual Healing, I love all the albums, but that one stood out to me.

  • PaintStains

    Moment Of Clarity

  • ilias poutsiakas

    moment of clarity

  • Chris

    Death has been my fav band since 2010, when I totally fell in love with this band. My favourite song is Suicide Machine, I guess it’s the whole Human just in one musical piece – brutal, technical and fullfilled with emotions. I just love the solo, which lasts something about 20sec. but it describes everything, from hope to disaster. I just love the whole variety that has been put by Chuck into his music, yet, the aspect I adore in Death music most, is wide emotional range, that I can absorb through my body. Sorry for mistakes, but I live in Poland. I just wanted to share with you my feelings and observations.

  • Individual thought patterns, the ENTIRE album!!!!

  • Spirit Crusher is one kick ass song, you know on every single album there is not a single Death song I don’t think is awesome.  Defiantly one of a kind and easy to be passionate about.

  • kill_eater94

    Best song by Death is Bite the Pain.  Intro is beautiful and the rest of the song is simply a masterpiece.

  • Aperron

    I follow this band since Scream Bloody Gore and when chuck passed away I was hartbroken.

  • Flesh And Power It Holds

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  • Jchilds08

    Empty Words

  • Blackcatspecial

    I love my live in LA dvd.I lend it out all the time to introduce Chuck to new fans.You never see him mentioned with some of the other greats who are rocking the heavens(and elsewhere).