Win A Copy of Iron Maiden’s Flight 666 on DVD!

Posted by on June 8, 2009

31214_02_Wrap.qxd:-Iron Maiden’s new documentary, Flight 666, hits stores tomorrow on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as its soundtrack on CD and double gatefold picture disc vinyl. The film follows the band on its “Somewhere Back In Time” tour and their new preferred method of travel – Ed Force One, a Boeing 757 piloted by singer Bruce Dickinson.

They really went all out for this release, and Eddie & Co. wanted to make sure the fine readers of Metal Insider didn’t miss out. We are giving away 5 copies! Just leave a comment below, letting us know how you would travel if you were in a world-famous band with crazy cheddah’. Make sure you sign up for a Metal Insider account so we know how to contact you!

Bonus round: Not only can you enter here, but you can help your odds by entering to win copies from our pals at Metal Sucks, Metal Injection and SMN News, where they are each also giving away 5 copies!

Contest Rules:
– Five winners will receive a copy of Iron Maiden: Flight 666 on DVD
– All winners will be selected at random and contacted via e-mail.
– One entry per person. Multiple entries WILL be disqualified.
– Entries must be in by 6 PM EST on Monday, June 22 2009.
– Open to US Residents only.


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  • Wassan

    Can’t wait to see the extras I hope are on the DVD!!!

  • jkbrown1986

    If given the opportunity, I would have my own Hatredcopter built, and would fly around chopping up hippies.

  • Nick Darington

    If I were in a world famous band would give a big fuck you to planes and cars. I would call up my buddies on Mars, thank them for giving me my awesome ability to rule the world with my music, and take one of their UFO’s as my way of transportaion. I mean seriously, who doesn’t wanna be able to teleport? And for all those pussy Coldplay fans I could shoot them with the lasers that shoot out. Or a straight up scythe to the head could work.

  • jeffb34

    I would fly

  • GoatRidersHorde

    If I were in a world famous band I would travel in the only logical way: A Space Helicopter.

  • Tim

    We’ve already discussed this, actually. We will one day sail a pirate ship from city to city, arriving in the early hours and rounding up concertgoers, then proceed to sail out into international waters, crank up the generator, and destroy.

  • treb118

    I’d build my own flying eddie while screaming LIVEEEEE TO FLYYYY, FLYYYYY TO LIVEEEEE, ACES HIGHHHHHHH

  • Zach S

    got to see it on vh1 classic. its ssoo awsome!! id love to own a copy of it!! pplleeaassee 0:)

  • key

    easy, I’d be rocking a pair of icarus’ wings with non-melting wax.

  • themostoriginal

    3oB Nikes perhaps?

  • Old school

    Travel would be by chariots and horses of course, with all chariots bearing the a likeness of the legendary Eddie from the Powerslave era. Bringing along chains, whips, harlots, ale(lots of ale). Raping and pillaging from town to town. We would do our forefathers from Maiden proud!

  • pokesmot

    if I was in a famous band with a lot of cheddahs I would travel to shows in a fucking decked out tank.I would call it my Tour Tank and it would fucking own mother fuckers.The gun on it would shot out condoms to fuck groupie swamp donkeys

  • I don’t necessarily know if I would travel in it, but I would arrive at shows in an old fashion funeral chariot pulled by 12 black stallions. Of course I would arrive fashionably late too so that I had to walk through my crowd waiting outside hehe. Gotta sign the autographs 😉

    I suppose travel would be in a b-52 bomber so that I could load my chariot inside. Plus drop bombs emo and core kids as well as memorabilia on my fans.

    P.S. I just registered the domain, so it may not be fully functional yet.

  • I would fly in a huge cargo plane, and then we would all drop(parachute) out of the plane covert ops style… just because we could!

  • Al Zawada

    I would travel to all of the areas which global warming would affect first because I have absolutely no faith in humanity when it comes to pulling together towards a common cause. Those places need metal more than anywhere else, considering what they’re in store for.

  • DESTroyER

    i would tour with a caravan of elephants..hannibal style.there would be tigers too to protect the gear from would-be thieves!!

  • Flying monkeys.
    Just flying monkeys….

  • Sarah

    Teleportation. I ain’t got time to waste!

  • greasybobeasy

    My mode of transportation would be a 200 foot replica of Jim Belushi’s head on wheels. It would consist of a combination of adamantium steel (the same as Wolverine’s skeleton) and that foam that they use on Ace of Cakes to make all those gnarly confections. After being fully realized it would have separate sections for the band (Raging Slab Against the Machine Head Crash Worship), the support staff and of course the on board chefs and butlers. The monstrosity would have two spectacular rooms located in the eyes of JB, complete with round plush beds that have sound proof curtains to be drawn with the groupies come on board. The “brain” of JB would be life like in that it would be empty too, so we would use that for storage of all the gear used for our “Double Loaded” world tour, sponsored by Foster Farms Chickens. The cafeteria would be on the lowest floor, or the “mouth” and would have 3 full service bars, an all you can eat taco and burrito bars open at night and one of those guys you see at all the top breakfast buffets who makes omelets to order. Oh yeah, there would be a Starbucks in there too, open 24 hours.
    And yes, this thing is amphibious so we’d take it all around the world.

  • I would fly to Norway, land in the ruins of every church ever burned by a black metal artist, and plant a flag saying “X was here” where X would be the name of whatever black metal artist burned the church.

  • I’d definitely travel by plane but it’d have to be a big one similar to the one Iron Maiden uses. It’d have to have a sweet soundsystem, kegs of good craft beer (and at each new stop I’d have to get some beer of that region that is tasty and full of alcohol), video games, and a heated toilet seat for when I gotta take a doo. I’ve always wanted a heated toilet seat. There’d also have to be a place for my BMX bike to get some riding in before the show, conference, etc. Gotta stay in shape! A chef would be a nice addition for those places where food just isn’t that great or inaccessible.

    So, yeah, it’s not spectacular like a pirate ship or hatredcopter but it’s got the right stuff for a metal-head.

  • Adam

    I would make a wicked looking tour bus or two covered in sic looking tribal and other designs along with a gatlin styled paintball gun mounted to the roof with full 360 degree rotation, just to f**c with the idiotic drivers that are out there. Also the busses would be covered with speakers and a party area in each bus to jam and goof off while on the road.

  • shellsnsun

    I would travel in a hot air balloon!

  • Bill Bates

    enter me for the Maiden package!
    Bill “the Master” Bates

  • dale schmucker

    limo all the way baby!!!!!!!

  • Max

    enter me for the Maiden package!

  • Pistol Pete

    I’d be practical and totally green by walking to every show I did. And then I’d probably eat all the cheddah I had cuz I like cheese. Dounuts too! Well…that’d be a lot of walkin and I’d get hungry. But since I’m walking I could stop for Turkey on my way to Hungary. Maybe have some Chile. That would allow me to save all that cheddah. Then I could put it on my spaghetti when I get to Italy.

  • Jason Fiske

    Stroke up the engine on my magic carpet and take a wild ride around the world looking for women for our Harem. Oh, belly dancers and the swedish bikini team would be picked up for the ride.

  • Paragodd

    I’d have the whole gambit / fleet. Airplane and copter; Tour bus with customized semi truck fleet. And just for touring the carribbean I’d have a tour ship. All vehicles would be customized and decked out in band logos.

  • Philo_Betto1971

    limos and hookers

  • Col. Sanders


    I would have Bruce fly me around the world IN Ed Force One.

  • Cerrabuz

    I would travel on a whale, sharks, barracudas, yeah, pretty much a waterworld type of travel

  • How would I travel?

    Soaking in a hot tub, full of Champagne, on my 747(VOZ FORCE ONE), surrounded by many beautiful Phillepino women and be served by my crew of midget waiters dressed as my favorite Star Wars Characters!

    “Look! Here come the mini-Stormtroopers with pancakes for everyone!”

  • In my flying mansion of course.

  • i would travel with helium balloons strapped to my ass …via “up” !!

    cmon….we all know how metal that would be!!

  • Necrozoid

    I would hire/force Bruce Dickinson to give me a piggy back, personally taking me to anywhere i have to go.

  • Shelby

    I would drive around in a bus with my band and spread the word of metal by handing out tons of various free cds and performing free concerts so that the brotherhood of metal can spread further and further across the land and across the world. We need to make sure the younger generations are exposed to metal so that they can know what it is and can embrace it with their hearts. Many people are only aware of what they are exposed to, so potential metalheads may never be metalheads if they never hear the calling of metal. Metal has always been there for me and seen me through dark times; in a way I owe my life to metal. \m/ horns up forever!

  • kerri r

    I would travel with a bad ass harley feeling lucky ,very lucky

  • i would walk across the world, because id have enough money to make a bridge around it

  • Paul N

    I would travel by camel-drawn chariots everywhere I went. Of course, they would be WiFi-enabled camels, so I could surf the web while traveling in style.

  • Harry Barbee

    A Bus with a Krispy Kreme donut stand inside.

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  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Di’Anno was the first vocalist for Iron Maiden.

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