Win A Copy Of Precious Metal: Decibel Presents The Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces

Posted by on July 2, 2009

preciousmetalThere are a lot of reasons why Metal Insider enjoys reading Decibel Magazine, but chief among them is their monthly “Hall Of Fame” feature, which tells the complete story behind the making of a classic metal album every month. Not only are all of the stories well-written and comprehensive, featuring interviews with the musicians and giving context to albums that have wormed their way into our subconscious, but the album selection is top notch. Of course you have your Reign In Blood and your Slaughter of the Soul, but some more obscure (but still warranted) choices like Kyuss’ Welcome to Sky Valley, Repulsion’s Horrified, and Eyehategod’s Take As Needed For Pain are included as well.

Da Capo Press has compiled 25 of the stories in Precious Metal: Decibel Presents the Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces. If you haven’t been a regular Decibel reader, like you should be, there’s a chance you missed some of these stories the first time around. And even if you’ve read them all, you’ll want to have this book gracing your collection regardless.

Metal Insider is giving away a copy of the book. To enter, just leave a comment stating an album that you feel is worthy adding to Decibel‘s Hall of Fame.

Contest Rules:
– One randomly picked winner will receive a copy of Precious Metal: Decibel Presents The Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces
– One entry per person. Multiple entries WILL be disqualified.
– Entries must be in by 6 PM EDT on Thursday July 9, 2009.
– Open to US Residents only.

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  • mik mcdade

    For me Scar Symmetrys pitch black progress is a masterpeice worthy of inclusion…M

  • tom

    neurosis – times of grace

  • Dan_Trepanated

    Definately The Black Dahlia Murder – Nocturnal
    My favorite album of all time

  • Tough call, but I think a band that deserves credit would be ANOREXIA NERVOSA. Those French dudes make some killer black metal and it’s well produced too boot!

    So it’s a toss up… ‘New Obscurantis Order’ or ‘Redemption Process’.

  • Jon

    I would definitely include Chaos A.D. by Sepultura. It was an in-between album for them, where they just started incorporating more of their tribal roots, before, um, Roots. Amazing riffs, Igor plays like Animal from the Muppet Show, and a passion for what they believe shines through without being rock-star-preachy.

  • hubert

    Today is the Day – In the Eyes of God

  • Anthony Newberry

    The Haunted revolver reminds me of an extremely heavier version of Appetite for Destruction. Every song on that album shreds and in my opinion is the high water mark of their career The album shreds is heavy as hell, is melodic and doesn’t have a weak song which is needed to be a classic, in my opinion right up there with Slaughter of the Soul and other extreme classics.

  • metalguy

    Lamb of God-As the palaces burn
    its a metal masterpiece

  • Dustin Sain

    Absu – Absu (2009)

  • J. Doom

    The Crown – “Deathrace King” is among the 1st that comes to mind, one of the best the death/thrash subgenre has to offer.

  • Thrash Duke

    “War Without End” by Warbringer

  • Drewski

    colors from between the buried and me is a classic prog record and has a timeless sound

  • Montague

    Refused’s The Shape Of Punk To Come is an obvious one to me.

  • Scott

    Acid Bath “When The Kite Strings Pop” —this is a total classic that many people haven’t heard but those that have heard it LOVE it.

  • pokesmot

    Opeth Black Waterpark is worthy for sure

  • Masonic Wehrmacht

    Devastation’s “Idolatry” is an epic thrash metal masterpiece that is so far hidden under the rug, im hoping nobody saw me just vacuum.

  • Dream Theater’s Images and Words. The definitive prog-metal album of the renaissance of said genre that occurred in the late 80s-early 90s.

  • Brian

    Arch Enemy – Wages of Sin

    Pure metal beginning to end. Absolutely perfect!


  • Meat

    New American Gospel. Not their best but started a revolution in Metal.

  • chris petersen

    Narrowing down some influential music is hard to do. Many bands have fought their way through my CD/Vinyl/Cassette collection and I have yet to pick an album that was the most influential on me or the people around me. There are many bands I think deserve the credit of “the most influential album”. But the one that I have on all pressings (cassette/Vinyl/CD) and I’m not sure if it is mentioned in the book but TERRORIZER-World Downfall. This LP was the one of my most influential LP’s of my upbringing and is still one my all time favorites. Terrorizer-World Downfall is a masterpiece in its own right, pacing itself and influenced by the sound coming out of Europe called “grind core”. Those words would be made famous when a little person by the name of Shane Embury grumbled them in an interview in the 80’s. (If you’re asking who Shane Embury is then you need a lesson in death and grind core).
    Released in 1989 when most of the readers above were still either in diapers or sucking on their Mothers tit. Terrorizer was old school grind. Not the new grind you hear from bands like INSECT WARFARE or PLF. But the old school grind that had a pinch of death metal in it but was still fast, and the music was controlled, not out of control fast, but very fast. Pete Sandoval’ drumming is precise and full of speed with unbelievable double bass drum work and tom fills that make you rewind the CD and listen to that specific part waiting for it to come around again so you can wonder how the heck did he make that so smooth. Jesse Pintado plays shredding punkish/metal riffing, such easy style riffing but sooooo brutal at the same time, with catchy rhythms the send you home humming them in the back of your head. Oscar Garcia the vocalist in the band (and also played guitar) belched out growling indistinctive vocals that seemed to come form the reaper himself, and David Vincent’ semi distorted bass rumbled in the back ground giving the final touch to the trademark that helped solidify grind core. And did I mention there is no solos on the LP, if you’re looking for shredding guitar solos go pick up LAMB OF GOD or BEHEMOTH… no soloing on this album bring the LP straight forward grind core. No fancy “let me show you my new Yngwie tricks”. This LP is balls to the wall early grind core that form the opening song “after world obliteration” to the end of the LP was straight forward American grind core with only 1 song going over the 3 minute mark, (everything else is 2 minutes and under). This is my pick for one of the most influential albums of all time.

  • chris petersen

    oh yea, and I forgot to mention Terrorizer includes members of Morbid Angel, Nausea and Napalm Death. Jesse Pintado R.I.P.

  • Chad

    This is easy: Megadeth’s “Rust In Peace” deserves to be there for sure! A mighty speed/thrash clinic from beginning to end. the “Holy Wars” and “Take No Prisoners” shredfests ALONE should qualify this album, but every other song slays too. The number 2 record to come from the big 4, just behind Reign In Blood.

  • Any type o negative cd (but i’d prefer october rust) but if you think of them as more “gothy” then metal then i’d say the first life of agony cd.

  • MACHINE HEAD’s debut album “Burn My Eyes” was a very monumental album for the era that it was released. (mid-1990’s). They really infused NY hardcore elements with their Bay-area thrash roots and set the bar quite high. Although they had a few “odd” years, they have reclaimed the throne as one of the most kick-ass metal bands ever.

    On a side note, PINK FLOYD’s “The Wall” is some pretty heavy sh*t if you’re in the correct frame of mind… 😉

    –Greg Giles

  • Stabitha

    Arch Enemy- Rise of the Tyrant

  • Harry Barbee

    There is no masterpiece That even compares to the greatest album ever made ACDC Back in Black