Win A Limited Edition Brutal Legend Statue Or T-Shirt Designed By Mishka NYC!

Posted by on November 12, 2009


The folks behind blockbuster metal video game Brutal Legend are crazy. EA Games is giving you not one, not two but three chances to win awesome BL prizes from the Insider, MetalSucks and Metal Injection!

The grand prize is a gorgeous 17″ polyresin statue limited to 1,000 and not sold in stores! Check out the photo above and gallery below for shots of this fantastic figure of Eddie Riggs layin’ it down with his axe Clementine!

Two runners-up will win limited edition t-shirts designed by Mishka NYC and artists who’ve worked with the likes of Municipal Waste and Black Dahlia Murder:

The Headbanger graphic channels the loud and reckless spirit of Ironheade’s loyal foot soldiers. We worked with James Callahan who has worked with modern day Thrash heroes Municipal Waste, to bring a scene of pure metal aggression to life, creating an epic Stage Battle on your chest. Headbangers pulverize puny Glam Rockers in the pit as a band of Brütal characters including Mishka’s own Cyco Simon deliver the decibels.

The second shirt features a Razorgirl charging forward on a furious Fire Beast. The graphic modernizes the epic girl meets monster designs used by so many early heavy metal bands. We worked with Daniel Mumford who has worked with Black Dahlia Murder and other metal greats, to flesh out a 21st century take on a classic seventies Metal fantasy using two of our most iconic characters. All that’s missing (and thankfully so) is a glitter heat transfer on a ringer tee.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite song from the Brutal Legend soundtrack. Make sure your Metal Insider account has your correct e-mail listed so we can contact you. After that, head over to MetalSucks and Metal Injection for more chances to win as they are running identical contests!

Contest Rules:
– One winner will win a Brutal Legend Polyresin Figurine, limited to 1000.
– Two runners-up will win a limited edition Brutal Legend t-shirt.
– All winners will be selected at random and contacted via e-mail.
– One entry per person. Multiple entries WILL be disqualified.
– Entries must be in by 6 PM EST on Thursday, November 19 2009.
– Open to US Residents only.

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  • Luke B

    So many great tunes! I’m going to go with Superbeast by Rob Zombie

  • Kalgaroo

    My top favorite in the game is probably The Hellion/Electric Eye by Judas Priest. I’ve driven around with the song on even though I was at my destination.

    Sidenote, the use of Mr. Crowley in the game was really good.

  • Eliav

    My favorite song from Brutal Legend is Back at The Funny Farm by Motorhead because it is a freakin sweet song and the song that got me into metal, that makes it the coolest

  • FukkenLowlife

    Mmmm. Going with Carcass “No Love Lost”, aside from its place on one of the most important and influential metal records of all time, I’m just completely stoked to find it on the most unlikely track listing ever. Hot damn!

  • Duffadash

    I’d probably have to say Manowar – Dawn of Metal.
    I’m really into power metal… I really like the clean sound…

  • Nfernoterrorize

    So Frail by Mirrorthrone. The point in the game where it plays is just so epically dark that it fits perfectly.

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  • cman2k

    Motorhead – In the Black

  • King Diamond Welcome Home

  • Niperz

    Megadeth – Tornado of Souls

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  • Never Say Die – Black Sabbath,fun song to learn too!

  • Scott Baker

    Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck – Prong

  • Spenace

    Mr. Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne

  • Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood

  • Sagicus

    “Road Racin'” by Riot. Right when you get the radio for the car it was the first thing that started playing for me and it just fit so perfectly.

  • ToR

    Cradle of Filth – Her Ghost in the Fog

  • Kiss – God of Thunder

  • Chad

    Angel Witch by Angel Witch

  • JuGGerNautt

    Rotting Christ : Ad Noctis

    1st because it’s really Brutal and epic as hell…

    2nd because they got it wrong in the listing… (they spelled it: Ad Notics !!!)

    As hardcore headbanger and Greek metal fan I cannot accept that! hahaha….

  • captainDesk

    Am I Evil? – Diamond Head

  • NIck

    Leather Rebel by Judas Priest, because its fucking epic!

  • Bryan Rodriguez

    DESTROY THE ORCS! – Three Inches of Blood

  • Brian

    Dethklok – Murmaider

    Amazing song, plus it lists everything you need to murder a murmaid. Perfect.

  • Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce. CAUSE I LOVE DRAGONFORCE!!

  • hm

    i guess that would be Painkiller from Jüdas Priest!


  • Matt

    Betrayal – Lita Ford

    I love the song they made for the game it’s just awesome, but it had some competition like Mr. crowley.

  • NachoDudeX

    Diamond Head’s Am I Evil? That riff is unbelievable, as are all the songs on Diamond Head’s first album. Lightning to the Nations is one of, if not the, best metal album of all time. The brain piercing riffs of Black Sabbath combined with the dark groove of Iron Maiden’s Killers… Just brilliant. Am I Evil is the epitome of everything good on that album. It saddens me that Diamond Head were left to obscurity (not helped by the fact that they never released another decent album), but it warms my heart that they still get some recognition, whether it be by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica (who are both huge fans and have covered numerous songs by them) or from Tim Schafer and his wonderful portrait of metal, Brütal Legend.

  • Joel

    Angel Witch by Angel Witch

  • Mr. Crowley – Ozzy Osbourne. They use it so well in one of the cinematics.

  • Sara

    Free Your Hate – KMFDM

    Love me my industrial

  • yeb

    Brocas Helm – Cry of the Banshee

    I was hoping to find an awesome band in the game that I’d never heard of before. I was not disappointed.

  • bearwizard

    am i evil? – diamond head
    manowar sucks, no debate.

  • Jakob Trombley

    Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue.

  • Dragonforce – Through the Fire and Flames

  • episteppe

    Back at the Funny Farm- Motorhead!
    *crosses fingers really tight*

  • Mitch

    Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad

    best thrash band with a ripping tune about driving in the most excellent game of all time!

  • it’s jack black

  • ilinko

    Motorhead – We Are the Road Crew

  • Wolf Malakoff

    BLACK SABBATH_Children Of The Grave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Daniel Joseph White

    doubt this is still going on but cry of the banshee was really good