Win A Vinyl Copy Of Iron Maiden’s The Final Frontier!

Posted by on August 31, 2010

Iron Maiden’s 15th album, The Final Frontier, is not only being hailed by fans as one of their best albums in years, but was also their most successful chart debut ever. Metal Insider wants to give you a chance to win a copy of the album on vinyl. If you’re a reader of a certain age (let’s say over 30), your earliest memories of Iron Maiden are probably looking at Derek Riggs’ amazing artwork for the band’s earlier albums on vinyl. The vinyl version of the new album is a double picture disc that will fit in alongside your earlier collection of Maiden vinyl, or be an amazing starting point for your new vinyl collection.

To be entered, simply let us know what your favorite Maiden album cover is in the comments section below. One winner will be chosen at random on Friday, September 10, but if you choose Dance of Death or Virtual XI, you’ll automatically be disqualified! Contest is open to United States residents only. Multiple entries will be disqualified.


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  • Jim

    Its gotta be Somewhere In Time. So maybe references to songs, albums, Maiden lore is one amazing piece of Derek Riggs art! I used to stare at it for hours…

  • James

    I barely made that age group there haha but the cover I cant get out of my mind is from “Somewhere in Time” I was in my early grade school years (at least 2nd grade) and a friend got this from his brothers stash, it sounded unreal to my ears and the whole time, I was staring at the cover. It just looked like the future in some big city if you took a wrong turn. It was ingrained in my head for a good while until the next album came out.

  • Michael Barrett

    O.K. well it is not X-factor for sure. For me it has to be Piece of Mind. Perhaps not as iconic as Killers ( my second favorite) but, it spoke volumes to me. Seeing Eddie in an asylum setting all chained up was just awesome to see as a 15 year old. Of course, the music side of things has never left me– among my favorite songs by any artist ( Revelations, Die with your Boots on,The Trooper).No other band around had a “mascot” to follow through the concerts and album covers-so this became the running theme throughout their illustrious career.Ti me the Piece of Mind cover represented a band that was about to breakout on an unsuspecting world–ready to conquer all in its path. Job well done.

  • Patrick Wilt


  • Mike Kemezis

    The original Iron Maiden album. Its a classic.

  • Scott M

    I always liked the artwork from Piece of Mind. Seeing Eddie in the padded room, all chained up was pretty cool. And the fact that they took that version of Eddie and killed him, ripping his brains out at the end of the tour was great!

  • RomuluXX

    Powerslave. It just screams epic with Eddie lording over everyone. Plus, It has Mickey Mouse on it, and Mickey Mouse is metal as fuck

  • Ricky Vannatta

    Gotta go with Number of the Beast

  • Chuck Loesch

    Wow…the best cover by far is “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” It’s depth and stark nature was amazing. Also it was designed for the gatefold…I remember the cassette I had of it and how the background stretched across the whole thing…That and the son of eddie still attached and in the whomb? you can’t tell me that isn’t epic

  • Chuck Loesch

    womb…I mean…

  • Brian

    “Killers” most definitely. The colors are bold, the picture is evil, and now is just simply iconic.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="569786213">Charles Hinds</fb:name>

    I would say Powerslave, such a bad ass cover!

  • Fean

    Brave New World is my personal favorite. It’s just beautiful art.

  • Nathan

    My Favorite Album work and music is all of them
    My non favorite is Fear of the Dark, just throwing it in there

  • Nathan

    p.s. My First owned vinyl was The Number of the Beast

  • Kyle

    Powerslave, followed closely by Somewhere in Time and Brave New World…

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="20102096">David Weston Gregory Jr.</fb:name>

    Live After Death! Though its a live album (the greatest at that!), it is f’n furious!

  • Thomas Woolford

    Live After Death is my favorite!

  • Matt

    The first studio album I bought by the band was “Fear of the Dark.” While unpopular to a lot of die-hard Maiden fans, I think that cover is excellent. Eddie as a sort living-tree monster is more subdued than most prior Eddie covers, but that’s the point. The whole song “Fear of the Dark” is about being afraid of what you can’t and don’t see, and the fact that tree-Eddie’s arms and head are the only real visible parts of him, makes it extra creepy. Who hasn’t been freaked out by blowing tree limbs on a windy, cold night? Sure, I was 14 when I bought this album, but it really made an impact on me.

  • Kirk

    Definitely…Piece of Mind. Although, a close second would have to be the 12″ single for “Aces High.”

  • muxlow

    “No Prayer for the Dying” – My first Maiden purchase and still a good listen. That poor, poor gravedigger. He’s just trying to put his orphaned granddaughter through ballet school, working at the slaughterhouse by day and the cemetery by night. Sure, he drinks too much but he knows what he heard over there. Probably those damn Kovlovski kids again, they’re nothing but trouble. If he catches them knocking over gravestones again, why he’ll… There it is again… from over there. Sounds like…scratching. But…from INSIDE the tomb? Yes, most definitely from inside! One of those damn Kovlovksis must have locked some poor child inside. “Hold on, son! I’ve got ya. Ol’ Kowalski’s comin’…almost got this….damn lid….off. There you ar—-arrrGGH—-ARRRRRGGGHGHHGHHHHHH!H!!!!!!!”

  • Azhar MOhamad

    The Trooper! yeaaarrhh!! That is my favorite Iron Maiden’s artwork cover since i first saw it when i was younger. I love that.

  • rattlehead

    SOMEWHERE IN TIME, I’ve always been a sci fi nut and Somewhere in Time kinda reminds me of the Movie Blade Runner for some reason. Plus it was my favorite in high school. Brave New World ans Powerslave would be second and third.

    Please let me win. I collect cool vinyl and display the sleeves on my wall!

  • Cindy

    Killers. Most iconic of them all, IMO.

  • greg

    SomewhereIn Time…. if only for the tremendous detail and the fact that Texas Tapes and Records appears in the cover art, and I used to shop there.

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1630475642">Cody Barrick</fb:name>

    I’d have to say “A Matter of Life And Death.” Yes, I know it isnt a classic album but I just like the way it looks, it just gives off a certain feeling.

  • Machiventa


    My first memory of a record store and an Iron Maiden album cover was around 81/82 and I saw this huge poster for Killers and it freaked me out! It’s been ingrained in my mind ever since and is by far my favorite cover.

  • Ike Clanton

    Hands down it would be the cover from the Maiden Japan E.P! One of the coolest and more underrated Maiden album covers of all time.

  • kerry cleary

    Piece of Mind

  • Leonel


  • Tom H

    Somewhere in Time!

  • Zach G.

    Brave New World!

  • Joanna

    Piece Of Mind

  • <fb:name linked="false" useyou="false" uid="1334465187">Jesse Radonski</fb:name>

    I’d have to say Powerslave would be my fave. I dig the color tones and the iconic imagery. Also, the huge Egyptian Eddie at their show is always fun to see.

  • anna

    No Prayer For The Dying… not my favorite maiden album, but definitely my favorite album cover.