Robb Flynn: Phil Labonte has “ignorant ass world views”

Posted by on January 22, 2015

Robb Flynn of Machine Head has written a new “Generals Journal” on the band’s Facebook page, this time focusing on the movie Selma, racism, and hot-button topics like police brutality and war. And then comes a Phil Labonte call-out, with Flynn having some harsh words for the All That Remains vocalist.

Wrote Flynn:

“And then as I was writing this, someone sent me Phil Labonte from All That Remains ignorant ass world views from his Revolver magazine cover story. WTF!? Metalsucks.net rightfully slammed him, and good for them! And shame on Revolver for not!”

Labonte provided a lot to work with in that Revolver Magazine cover story, including gems like, “homosexuals were never property,” and that the “black community has a whole lot more room to be upset about a word than the LGBT community.”

Flynn then asks about the current state of music:

“Where are the god damn protest songs? Where are the “War, What Is It Good For’s”? Where are the “Fight The Power’s”? Where are the white metal bands protesting about Ferguson and Staten Island? Why don’t metal bands stand for anything anymore? When did we reach this point in society where it’s unpatriotic to question our military or our police? Why are so goddamned proud to just fall in line?”

Solid questions from Flynn, for sure. The answers, however, will take a bit more time to figure out. Read the rest of the “Generals Journal” here. Meanwhile, Phil Labonte isn’t losing any sleep over Flynn, as you can see his response below:

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  • M.

    (1) The Dalai Lama has spoken out against homosexuality. Horrible person? Traditional indigenous Tibetan culture like most indigenous cultures has traditional conceptions of men and women and of marriage? Horrible people? You want to sound enlightened but you come off sounding like racist fuckheads to anyone with the intellectual capacity to see that the universe is complex and these kinds of issues are not as black and white as you liberal clowns imagine.

    (2) What is an ignorant ass world view is wanting the whole world to comply with modernity and liberal politics and principles and in turn their conceptions of democracy and equality. It’s imperialistic. Thinking others are beneath you by virtue of not sharing or welcoming your singular ignorant views is indefensible – and racist.