Exclusive: Necrophobic vocalist sentenced to prison for spousal/child abuse [Updated]

Posted by on September 4, 2013


The bullwhip that Sidegard used to beat his children

Swedish death metal band Necrophobic released the first single from their forthcoming album, Womb of Lilithu, yesterday. But when the album comes out on October 29th (October 25th in the rest of the world), don’t expect vocalist Tobias Sidegard to be touring in support of it. That’s because the frontman is currently in prison, having been sentenced to 18 months for abusing his wife and children.

In Swedish court documents and police reports obtained by Metal Insider, Sidegard’s wife Linda was interviewed by police describing incidents in which she was beaten by him multiple times and forced into oral sex with him. He also was charged with abuse for beating his daughters Tindra and Nova with a homemade bullwhip. There are other allegations against Sidegard in the court documents. Tindra claimed that when she was younger, her father would lock her and her mother in their room during the day while he slept.

For his part, Tobias claimed that he was on amphetamines when he hit his children with the bullwhip, claiming that he was only joking, and that he would never harm his children. The reports paint a different picture for his wife, with a cell phone photo of her with a swollen eye among the evidence presented to the court. He was also accused of stepping on her feet with full force, causing fractures, pain and swelling. In interviews with his previous wife, Anna, she said that in ten years of marriage, he was verbally abusive and was domineering, but he never hit her. After being confronted with the allegations of him beating his children, he threatened suicide.

Cell phone pic of Linda Sidegard's swollen eye

Cell phone picture of Linda Sidegard’s swollen eye

Sidegard was found guilty in June, and sentenced to one year and six months in prison, convicted of “severe abuse to a female partner” and “abuse.”  His bullwhip was also confiscated. There’s no word on how this will effect promotion for Womb Of Lilithu, which is still scheduled to come out on October 25th. Season of Mist’s French office hadn’t responded at the time of this publishing. We’ll continue to update you as this develops.

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Tobias Sidegard has responded to our article, sending an email claiming that he’s been innocently accused, is a free man, and will get his final judgment in two weeks.  The information we reported on is public record, which can be found on this forum. Sidegard is free for now, and pending the outcome of the trial, might remain free. Since it’s Sidegard’s word vs. the court’s, time will tell.

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  • Only 18 months?! Sounds pretty light.

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  • gorki

    Actually, Swedsh laws are very light, even when it comes to domestic violence. So 18 months, for being the first time getting caught is pretty serious, usually these dicks get community service, a fine or some kind of treatment. He probably only have to serve 2/3rds of the sentence, if he behaves. He will be serving his sentence amongst other scum (rapist, wife beaters and pedos) instead of amongst O.D.C.

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  • jesus

    So the woman got what she deserved whats the problem.should we all quote the bible now since the bible allows this? What a joke.

  • deeps

    You are a scumbag.

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  • JH

    Got curious, googled and found the police investigation report and court verdict linked in this forum:

    I had to auto-translate since I don’t know Swedish, but there seem to be other incriminating things than what’s mentioned here so far (the court was disturbed by an abundance of hitler salute photos in his cell phone, for example). But of course one must reserve judgment until the final court verdict…

  • god

    And the truth comes out.hes pretty much innocent and this website has printed libellous statements.typical.yes she got what she deserved, an eye infection.hard core swedish bm, eye infections and false statements.wooohooo.

  • gorki

    Actually the picture of his wife´s eye was omitted from evidence when
    the court could not secure 100% certainty wheter or not that swollen and
    sore eye came from a punch or from a infected eye (anyone ever got such an infected eye from a straw of hair in there?)… So that´s true, he didn´t get sentenced for that one,
    but on the other hand, after reading the verdict (well, more than 85% of it) and what he actually
    got done for (and it´s not a nice read!) there´s no doubt that he´s guilty of heinous crimes. What a piece of human waste.

  • Phillip Cantu

    Good find, man…

  • Bobo

    Anyone who is even so much as verbally abusive or domineering needs to have their life readjusted and forced to have some serious time to themselves to redevelop their personality. Only a coward hits a woman or child.

  • Bobo


  • Bobo

    You sound like a pansy. I bet you’d be singing a different tune if someone came and knocked the shit out of you for what they thought “you deserved”. Fucker.

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  • PrivacyGoesFirst

    It’s still absolutely horrendous that YOU published this article yesterday in the world language English without “presumed innocent until found guilty” in your mind. Furthermore, don’t you find it strange that those documents can be found online so easily? Do you think it is rightful to spread this information even further AND to include the names of his children????? There should be a line there – don’t include children’s information in an article! No sense of privacy, I guess….

  • Blabberbitch

    1. The documents ARE public domain according to Swedish law. You just need to ask for them and the court are obliged to hand them out. Someone did and put it online like two months ago.

    2. This has been known in Swedish since late May. It’s just weird that no metal site have dared to write about it until now.

    3. “presumed innocent until found guilty”. FFS, he HAS been found guilty in court and thus sentenced to jail, weeks ago! What the fuck more can you ask for?

  • Crazispeedemon

    Fuck him. I really do hope he offs himself. Or gets help…in prison.

  • Pauliina

    For anybody who understand Swedish, I would suggest you read the sms’s that are being used as evidence in court (found in the forum post linked above, last one of the 3 links). This might not be as black and white as it seems.

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