Zakk Wylde Living In La-La Land

Posted by on July 24, 2009

zakkozzyThe Zakk Wylde/Ozzy Osbourne saga continues. In a new interview with Backstage Axxess, Wylde is sticking to his “everything is great, I’m playing Blizzcon with him” mantra, and he’s totally cool with Ozzy calling in a new axe from the bullpen every now and then, as long as he’s in the long-term plan:

Everything’s cool, man. I mean, Ozzy’s always jammed with other people — since we did Down To Earth and all that other stuff. So it’s no big deal. If Ozzy’s gonna play with someone else, what am I gonna do anyways? At the end of the day, when we did the Down To Earth record, Oz had other people coming in and writing with him. [I was like], ‘Boss, knock yourself out,’ you know what I mean?! What we’re supposed to do is there’s this date in August — August 20, I guess, down in Anaheim [at the BlizzCon convention] — and then after that, we’re supposed to finish the [new Ozzy] record up in September or something like that. We did 16 or 18 songs or something like that, so we’ll write some more, finish the record, and then we’re supposed to do like a year[-long] world tour.

Zakk, let’s have a talk. Listen, “brother“, I know how this feels. I’ve been there. “Let’s just see other people for a while, stay friends, keep talking, and we’ll see where we stand down the road.” Trust me, there is no “down the road”.

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  • Ken

    The road to nowhere leads to Zakk!

  • bill

    if ozzy cuts zakk loose i am done with him. ozzy needs zakk….joe holmes ring a bell?

  • ZShaw

    Who knew Zakk would be the crazy ex girlfriend. Or is Ozzy just not good at breaking up a fling?

    Seriously though, I dont know if Ozzy should replace Wylde. Sure, Black Rain wasnt a great album, but I dont think its entirely Wylde’s fault.

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  • damien 6ix

    Black Label Society is a Band that stands for itself. They have a great following of fans around the world and Zakk is by far the ultimate guitar hero that never gave up. I don’t feel sorry for him. Maybe now we’ll have more black label. The only thing that bugs me is that if ozzy wanted to change axeman he should have discussed that with Wylde, not just drope statement on “shitty press”. I guess his shitty wife/manager didn t think of that. Black Label became too big for Zakk to be a frontman, then go fill a secondary role in the ozzy circus. The name Zakk Wylde stand on its own.
    PS: Blasko rocks

  • Ryde

    Sharon is a cunt and Ozzy is just a puppet on her strings. You can bet that this was all her doing. Zakk had come into his own and more people were coming to the shows to see him than they were to see Ozzy. That’s what this is all about.