The Worst T-Shirt Ever Of The Week: Bieb Flag

Posted by on April 27, 2010

There are no words for this shirt. The fact that I’ve wasted two sentences on it so far are inexcusable. Will any Justin Bieber fans know who Black Flag were? As the etsy site says, “Both groups have caused riots, both embrace DIY.” Yeah, I don’t know about that. It might be a mildly funny (at best) attempt at a hipster joke, but I’m pretty sure I’d like anyone wearing this shirt ironically or unironically to punch themselves in the face immediately and post the results on YouTube.

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  • Dylan

    If you’re going to feature that, you might as well feature the originals: http://giveemtheboot.bigcartel.com/

  • That Other Guy

    Hmmm, if i was to happen upon anyone wearing that shirt, i would most likely punch them in the face for even associating that douche Bieber with Black Flag

  • RL Bubba

    This is about the lamest thing I’ve seen in some time. Oh the irony, using the black flag logo for something diametrically opposed to that band! Hilarious! Too bad it’s been done 1000 times already, and way better. Super lame, whoever made this should definitely punch themselves in the face. Morons.

  • David

    It’s actually funny because both are D.I.Y acts, although with completely different results. No record label imagined Bieber, he didn’t win a contest or appear on a reality show. He simply put covers of songs he liked on YouTube for friends and family, and got super famous because of it. So it’s actually a commentary on the internet and the changing nature celebrity.

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  • Tracy Lynn Ford

    I don’t know, there are some comparisons to be made. Both are over-hyped acts that have thin-skinned fans that can’t take any criticism of their deified “artists.” Both have/had pretentious, straight-edge lead singers with egos that make Donald Trump seem humble in comparison.