Guess Modest Mouse Won’t Be Playing The Next Orion Fest

Posted by on June 27, 2012

Photo: Cambria Harkey

One of the more left-field bands to play the Orion Music + More festival this past weekend was Modest Mouse. They weren’t touring behind a new album, they’re decidedly an indie rock band, and the only point of reference for most of the crowd was likely their eight-year old crossover hit “Float On.” Yet the band gamely played the festival on Saturday night in front of a polite but nonplussed crowd, and everyone was happy, right? Wrong. The band performed the following night at New York’s Randall’s Island for the Governer’s Ball festival alongside Beck, Fiona Apple and Built To Spill. According to the Village Voice, frontman Isaac Brock said the following.

“We played with Metallica last night [at Orion Fest], and I gotta tell you, you guys are so much more attractive—and you probably don’t still live at home”

Pure class, Isaac. First off, way to bite the hand that feeds to prove how “indie” you are. Most Metallica fans probably own their own homes at this point. The band have been around for 30 years, and a large number of their fans are at least in their ’30s. Relying on the ‘metal people are ugly and still live at home’ trope is old and tired, especially at Orion, where the opposite seemed true. Yes, there were plenty of metal fans there, but there were a decent amount of indie rockers that turned out to see bands like Modest Mouse and the Gaslight Anthem. And as stated earlier, the crowd seemed open to checking out music outside of their comfort zone. Guess Isaac Brock didn’t have as open a mind.

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  • Bonesnapper

     It’s alright…they are just butthurt that they didn’t come up with the idea of putting on their own festival first. And cause they only have one popular song that nobody even fucking remembers.

  • concertconfessions

    Long time fan of your site, but this article is trash. First off, it clearly says in the quote that the fans probably live at home. Next up, not sure if you saw footage from the Modest Mouse set but with Metallica charging a house payment for “VIP” seating up front every single main stage act was forced to play for huge chunks of empty space while the ‘GA’ fans were held back by security and guard rails.

    Likewise, much like you can spew your rather ignorant opinion in the last paragraph of this article, why shouldn’t Brock be allowed to say that one crowd is more attractive then the other? Let’s be real here, on a whole indie rockers tend to care more about looks than metal heads. I go to enough shows of both to realize this simple fact. I’d rather look at hipsters than headbangers any day of the week.

    TMZ you are not, but nice try. 

  • According to me, you’re a dick.

  • concertconfessions

    Yeah, but a dick with a home payment versus you who lives in the basement of his parent’s house. 

  • I’m a Metalhead and couldn’t care less what these fucks care about us. I”ll take a day of worship with my Brother’s and Sisters over some pansy touchy-feely fest anyday.


  • Somebody call the waaaambulance! Metal Insider hurt concertconfessions wittle feelers. Volume is right, you ARE a dick! Just for the record, I have a mortgage.


  • hubert

     The expensive VIP seating you reference is a great deal (NO, I don’t work for these people).  The VIP passes include ALL food, ALL beer, ALL weekend, and access to the snakepit.  $700-800 doesn’t sound like a big deal, for the person that wants to really take full advantage of the fest.

  • Damage inc.

    Have at it then indie hipster! Let the shit slinging begin!

  • Damage inc.

    I’m a home owner now for 15 years that is a lame comment!

  • Chris

    I like cats.

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  • Mike34

    Everyone with a ticket was allowed up front until 5pm. Here’s the reason why nobody went up there, Modest Mouse are boring live and don’t have the ability to perform on that size of a stage. They should have been over at Frantic, where their boring demeanor may have gone more unnoticed. 

    It’s irrelevant to comment on some dude pretending not to care about image (as he stated at Orion) while wearing LOOK AT ME short shorts, who then talks about that very thing a day later. 

  • Rob T

    Snake pit was awarded to random Met Club members and was not part of the vip tickets.

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