Exclusive Download Of Nevershoutnever Side Project EATMEWHILEIMHOT!

Posted by on July 30, 2010

Ever heard of Nevershoutnever? That’s understandable if A) ‘re older than 16 and B) don’t possess a vagina. However, the  group, led by 19 year-old Christopher Drew Ingle, is popular with tweens that like earnest acoustic emo-pop, and is currently on the Warped Tour. What’s this have to do with metal? Well, Ingle (who goes by Christofer Drew), has a metal side project called EATMEWHILEIMHOT! It’s likely a joke band, for several reasons. First of all, the band name, which is almost as bad a band name as Nevershoutnever. Secondly, the declaration on their MySpace page that “this is a joke that only we are in on.” Thirdly, all their songs have straight edge titles, like the download below, “xBurritox.” As far as the music? Not bad, actually. It’s little more than a breakdown, but it sounds vaguely Sumerian-esque, and if Psychostick, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Iwrestledabearonce can be taken seriously as bands, this kid’s likely got a shot at a second career.

EATMEWHILEIMHOT! – xBurritox [Download Mp3]

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  • Megan

    I listen to Nevershoutnever and eatmewhileimhot. I have to say the guys are great. A few guys from The Shout (nevershoutnever’s band) are in eatmewhileimhot and it takes talent for those guys to switch back and forth and still be AMAZING musicians. I’m not a fangirl, more of a critic and i really like both artists.

  • Michelle

    Umm his name is actually spelled Christofer. Gosh, get the facts straight.

  • John boy

    Ima dude and I listen to both bands and I’m in highschool and half the girls listen to nsn and older than 16 so yeah that’s kinda wrong and fake

  • Kovarik

    Am I really the first one to say this? TERRIBLE BANDS!!!!

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  • Cannibis Corpse

    HA! the article is right! the first three posters are all younger than 16 and all possess vaginas!

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  • Emilie

    wow. umm…i love christofer (yeah, you sorta spelled his name wrong) and i listen to eatmewhileimhot every now and then, and they’re actually pretty damn good. anyway, i honestly got a little offended by this, as christofer attracts nearly no tweens whatsoever and has a pretty steady guy fan-base. but whatever. we can’t all like the same music, i guess.

  • Caa Santos

    I’m Brazilian , and appreciate Christofer Drew very. He is awesome in both projects, both as in NeverShoutNever and eatmewhilehot! I particulary appreciate their music and their person.