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Interview: Sixx:A.M.’s DJ Ashba talks new album, Guns N’ Roses reunion

Posted by on April 29, 2016

Today, SixxA.M. released their third album. Prayers For The Damned (Vol. 1). As can be ascertained from the title, it’s one of two albums the band will be releasing this year. It’s also the first  release since guitarist DJ Ashba left his previous band, Guns N’ Roses and bassist Nikki Sixx wrapped up a 30+ year […]

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Harley Flanagan discusses Cro-Mags legacy, infamous stabbing incident

Posted by on April 28, 2016

New York City’s Cro-Mags originally formed in 1981 and carried the flag for crossover hardcore. Although seemingly now an underground phenomenon relegated to small clubs, their fearless ex-bass player and songwriter, Harley Flanagan, has both been quite prolific this year and will be releasing both a book and a new record. And while social media and major TV outlets […]

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Primitive Weapons’ Arthur Shepherd talks new album, five years of Saint Vitus Bar

Posted by on April 22, 2016

Last week was a pretty epic week for Primitive Weapons vocalist David Castillo and guitarist Arthur Shepherd. Not only did the band’s sophomore album album, The Future of Death, come out one week ago, but Castillo and Shepherd are also two of the principal owners of Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus bar, which celebrated its fifth anniversary. The band, […]

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Interview: Wytch Hazel talk new record, U.K. prog

Posted by on April 21, 2016

Proving yet again that point of origin should never be an issue Lancaster, England’s Wytch Hazel defy any category typically associated with like-minded acts from the U.K.. Whether you’re a fan of the 70’s rock resurgence, NWOBHM fare or just like well-orchestrated rock and roll, this able group deliver and then some. Fueled by a reverence for the […]

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Interview: Megadeth’s ‘Dystopia’ cover artist Brent Elliott White

Posted by on April 19, 2016

Brent Elliot White has created artwork for Trivium, They Art is Murder, Death Angel, Arch Enemy and Job For A Cowboy, among others. He also created the stunning artwork for Megadeth’s Dystopia. We caught up with White to talk about his inspiration for art, and what led to the futuristic-looking album cover.   Where are you […]

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