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Interview: Scott Lee continues to power New England Metal and Hardcore Fest

Posted by on January 19, 2015

For the seventeenth consecutive year, metal fans in the Northeast will be making a pilgrimage to the Palladium in Worcester, MA for the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival on April 17-19. Like previous years, the festival caters to fans of just about every genre of metal. Want classic thrash? Exodus and Testament will be […]

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Interview: Mushroomhead’s Skinny talks lineup changes, staying fresh 20 years in

Posted by on January 12, 2015

While they never really went away, Cleveland’s Mushroomhead haven’t always had a super high profile. Since 1999, they’ve roughly released an album only once every four years or so. However, last year’s The Righteous and the Butterfly found them on the Mayhem tour, and became their first-ever album to debut in the top 20. With their […]

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Kirk Windstein calls the shots in Crowbar

Posted by on December 31, 2014

Kirk Windstein left Down in 2013 to focus his efforts on Crowbar. The move gave Windstein control which, as he explained to Ghost Cult Mag, “at my age…not to sound like a dick but I deserve to be in control of my own life and my career.” Windstein further explains the move: “The situation for me in my […]

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Interview: Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists talks new album, Alaska metal scene

Posted by on December 19, 2014

36 Crazyfists vocalist Brock Lindow is happy to be in New York. Doing the press rounds for the band’s Spinefarm debut, Time and Trauma, Lindow has already gone ice skating for an interview, he’s having a meeting after our interview at a hockey game, and we run into him later in the evening at the Crowbar show (yes […]

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Vision Of Disorder’s Mike Fleischmann talks the reissue of ‘Still’ and its “inspiration” on new music

Posted by on December 18, 2014

1995; a year that saw Mel Gibson scream “FREEDOM” on movie screens, Hootie and The Blowfish dominate radio and album charts, and OJ Simpson acquitted for murder. That same year, though, a group of five teenagers from Long Island came together to release Still. It was a four-song EP that not only marked Vision Of […]

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