Kerry King Fires First Volley In Mayhem Catfight

Posted by on July 28, 2009

kerrysillySlayer guitarist Kerry King has written some of the most instantaneously awesome riffs in metal, but when he starts talking, it’s a whole different ball game.

King has never been one to censor himself, so when Musicradar.com asked him if he’d had their current Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest tourmates Killswitch Engage thrown off a previous tour, as had been rumored, King answered:

“We actually didn’t get to. I tried. Because I’d never seen ‘em live, and then I saw them live at some, I don’t know, maybe at Kerrang! awards over in Europe. And I’m just offended by the silliness that goes on on stage [on the part of] the guitar player [Adam Dutkiewicz]. He puts his foot in his mouth all the time and he says stupid shit, and I just didn’t think that side show should be on my stage. So I pulled the plug on the spot, but on that particular Jägermeister tour, we didn’t have any product and they did, so Jäger kind of insisted, and I went… They’re all friends of mine, so I said, ‘OK, I’ll deal with it.’ Still don’t like it.”

I mean sure, Adam D. is completely ridiculous onstage – he’s worn Daisy Dukes, regularly spouts off non-sequiters, and generally has fun. But honestly, what’s sillier, Dutkiewicz’ antics, or a man in his mid ’40s talking about how dumb religion is but how awesome Satan is (yo Kerry, Satanism IS a religion). And what could Adam D. wear that’s any more ridiculous than this? At the end of the day, I’d rather judge both bands on their music, not their message, but I’m sure this rivalry, if you can call it that, has made for some interesting backstage encounters at the Mayhem Fest so far.

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  • ZShaw

    Not totally sure that the picture of the spike wristlet isnt actually Kerry King. Though Ive definetly remember seeing him wear such things, even recently.

    This is just another example of how King never has anything positive to say, and just cant like anything. It sucks that such a talented guy talks so much shit.

  • Nemesis

    Preach on!

  • KK

    That’s exactly what turned me off KE–I can’t watch them live because of this dude.

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  • Derek FUCKING DeBruin

    1st off, kerry king doesnt preach about how cool satanism is, he doesn’t find any sense in ANY religion. iv’e seen killswitch live and i liked them. adams rants were KINDA funny and all tongue in cheek but i think most metal fans dont wana be bitched at by a bands guitarist, ESPECIALLY people who are paying hard earned cash to see slayer. if its slayers tour and kerry doesnt want a band to be on it, so be it. this article is obviously biased and was probably writen by some dude who likes killswitch over slayer. and just cuz someone speaks their mind doesnt meen they’re talkin shit. if tht were true than everyone who has left a reply on here is being hypocritical for we all would be “talkin shit”

  • Bram Teitelman

    yeah, i know this. that’s why the lyrics to the song “cult” annoy me every time i hear it. When he says “I’ve made my choice, 666,” he’s basically saying he chooses satanism. So what is it? Do you hate all religion, or are you a satanist?

  • Derek Debruin

    Well, violant/contraversial lyrics in metal are usually tounge in cheek. take Cannibal Corpse for example…. Alex Webster doesnt ACTUALLY cum blood…..