Pallbearer, Power Trip make their way onto Consequence of Sound’s top 50 albums

Posted by on November 28, 2017

It’s post-Thanksgiving, meaning that holiday displays are up everywhere, the NFL playoff situation is starting to shape up, and everyone and their mom is putting out a ‘best of 2017’ list. We’ve seen Decibel Magazine‘s, and yesterday brought Rolling Stone‘s. One of those, obviously, was all metal, while Code Orange’s Forever was the only truly heavy record of the year to truly infiltrate RS’s mostly-mainstream list. Today, Consequence of Sound have put their list out, and there are a few metal additions to the list, which is topped by Lorde’s Melodrama.

The 18th best album of the year according to CoS is Pallbearer’s Heartless, calling it “bruising doom metal wrapped in the spangled cloak and knotty time signatures of prog rock.” It wass joined by Power Trip’s sophomore album Nightmare Logic. It’ll be interesting to see what other metal is anointed as this year’s best by mainstream outlets. Aside from RS, Code Orange got a big boost today by being nominated for a Grammy. Power Trip appears to be having a pretty good year as well, having been named Loudwire’s best album of the year, and Pallbearer will likely make it’s way onto a few more a year-end lists as well. What’s your favorite metal album of the year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • pheet007

    It should be read as “Pallbearer will likely make ITS way . . . ” not “it’s”. That makes the sentence sound stupid if you sound it out from a contraction. It would read “Pallbearer will likely make it is way . . . ” Everybody gets that wrong and for professional writers, it’s annoying. Sound it out – with an apostrophe it becomes the short form for “it is”.
    I mentioned some favorites yesterday but overlooked my fellow Arkies. “Heartless” needs to be one of the best metal albums of the year, no question. Vektor made a great thrash/sci-fi album, “Terminal Redux” that would please Voivod fans who like their metal delivered at blistering speed.
    A few more metal albums that need to be on the list:

    Mastodon “Empire of Sand” Where they get their groove back, combining the songwriting craft with the textures of “Crack The Skye”. “The Hunter” is also referred to in more melodic moments. A great album. Also, check out Brann Dailor’s project “Arcadea”, an all drums and synthesizer project.

    Decapitated “Anticult” Their careers are probably over, and I am not convinced they are guilty of anything, especially with the ton of claims of sexual misconduct out there these days. “Anticult” is a great death metal album that actually has hooks and grooves.

    Suffocation “Of The Dark Light” These NYC death legends are as reliable as you can get. Furious, bludgeoning yet musically incredible, Suffocation have been one of the death metal bands that has not become a cliche of themselves.

    Immolation “Atonement” Where Suffocation tear along at warp speed sometimes, their buddies and fellow NYC headbangers Immolation present death metal in a more measured pace, with textures of guitars and a mid tempo speed that really help make the hooks and riffs stand out. Fans of early Morbid Angel would love Immolation if they haven’t already listened to them. Not that Immolation are mere imitators – the two bands are very distinctive. But the band, while capable of a fast delivery, prefer the bulldozer mowing down a wall approach. You can see it coming, but you can’t stop it, and you don’t want to.

    Ranger “Speed and Violence” The impact of the glory days of the Big Four of thrash metal is still being felt around the world. Thrash is bifurcated into the Big Four style, with guitar solos, longer songs, and sometimes albums. The other “thrash” is from the old crossover days when punkers and kids who liked punk and metal fused their sound and while the name of the style probably should be something else, it is best typified by D.R.I., who married the speed and angst of L.A. punk with tighter playing and a decidedly metallic production. Municipal Waste, Battlecross and Skeleton Witch are modern day examples of this kind of thrash, with short songs, furious playing and quicker albums.
    Ranger however, like England’s Evile, are tried and true worshippers of the Big Four, particularly Metallica’s first two albums, Exodus’ first, and early Slayer. “Speed and Violence” takes us back in time to the early 1980’s every which way, and while they are derivative in the extreme, they make up for with energy and an obvious adoration of the music style they play. The only problem with this, their second album, is that the production is absolutely terrible. Maybe having it sound like a Big Four demo was their intent, but regardless of the circumstances, having drums sound like wet oatmeal cartons is inexcusable in this age of home recording and studio technology. But it’s still fun to listen to, and Ranger do know their classic thrash inside and out.
    Prong “Zero Days” Tommy Victor is one of metal’s most inimitable musicians. As always, he leads Prong through another set of thrashy hook laden scorchers and even manages to be more melodic vocally without compromising Prong’s signature sound.

  • Wmbs

    Nightmare Logic. Hands down

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