‘Glenn Danzig’ Has A Yelp Account

Posted by on January 23, 2012

Glenn Danzig is the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, the man can rest on his legacy and music alone via his tenure in the Misfits and his own band. Yet Danzig has taken on a life of his own via the internet. It probably began with him getting knocked out by a member of the North Side Kings back in the day. But in between him buying kitty litter, becoming a weight measurement, or being a hybrid of himself and Tony Danza, he’s become the gift that keeps on giving for internet jokesters. Now it’s happening again. ‘Glenn Danzig,’ or, like, y’know someone pretending to be him, has set up a Yelp account. Apparently, Glenn lives in Austin now and gives everywhere he visits five stars. It’s worth checking out solely for lines like “I hate hipsters and vegetables” and “I bring my own bacon. One time I slaughtered a pig in the parking lot.” I’d tell you to check it out before it gets taken down, but then again, considering that Ground Zero has four stars on Yelp, it doesn’t seem like the service is in any hurry to make any changes.

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  • Michelle says:

    I saw him at BigLots in Culver City, CA a few months ago.  He was buying a new computer monitor and driving a Volvo.  I got my picture taken with him!  My son just happens to be in a band with his ex bass player, Jerry Montano, who is presently having a problem with Priscilla Caputo. Small rock world, it is.

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