Emmure co-founder speaks out on Frankie Palmeri

Posted by on February 19, 2014

emmureIt looks we weren’t the only ones that were thrown for a loop when Emmure announced that the first song on their new album would be called “Bring a Gun to School.” In a since-deleted post on his Facebook page, Emmure co-founder Ben Lionetti, who left the band in 2009, spoke out about the current incarnation of the band, calling the band’s Frankie Palmeri a “disgusting human being,” and suggesting that he might be taking legal action against the band:

“I feel a little need to speak out. Let’s get this straight … Emmure is MY blood sweat and tears ..MY band born from my thoughts and my hard work and writing (I’m sure you can see the change from early Emmure to now so if they say they wrote it you know it’s a lie; I was actually forced to say it was an even split wether it was money or writing credits) it will never be theirs as much as they can fake it that’s all it is .. fake. To see what Frank [Palmeri] is doing to me and my family’s hard work is absolutely disgusting. I love Mark [Davis], we hang all the time and have always been friends with Mike since the old Recon days and I still love seeing Jesse [Ketive]. But Frank is a disgusting human being and I’m also a little let down that the band members would even let that piece of garbage call a song ‘Bring a gun to school’ not to mention their management, But they just see dollar signs ..and you kids keep buying it, so sad… But I guess any publicity is good publicity .. Frank’s a demonic genius … ‘Ask your girl what my dick tastes like’ was one thing but this shit is just out of hand. To see me and my brother’s [Joe Lionetti] work and my family’s support over all those years be ripped from our hands and turned into this breaks my heart. I never said anything negative and never wanted to make it public or go after them for money owed to us, like the time they said they magically lost 10k and couldn’t pay me and Joe after we left the band. At least now I’ll have no regrets when I slam them, their management and Victory Records with lawsuits from now until the end of time. Whether I win or not, My mission is now to take what is rightfully mine. #lawyerup”

Perhaps one of the reasons Lionetti deleted his post is that he’s chosen to focus on the positive, like his day job IdreAM Creative Group. His company is a brand development and management company that counts Unearth’s Ken Susi among it’s clients. And while there’s certainly bad blood between him and his former band, it seems like Lionetti is content to let it play out behind the scenes.

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  • TooVioletRiot

    Well add Mike Kaabe to that lawsuit because he was quite obviously also royally screwed by these evil and selfish people.

  • TooVioletRiot

    Emmure royally screwing over people they should be treating like family? This is news how?

  • Damn Yankees

    This guy doesn’t want to be associated with the drama AND he QUIT the band 5 years ago, yet he comes out of the woodwork to inject himself right in the middle of this story? Seems like somebody was just mad that he couldn’t outshine Frankie. Emmure has always been Frankie and Jesse’s band – everyone knows that. Also, Bram, since you never acknowledged it yesterday, why are you so offended by “Bring A Gun To School”? You’re a Cannibal Corpse fan, right? You’re anti-rape, right? But you’re not offended by “Stripped Raped and Strangled” are you? It’s METAL.. why does Emmure need to be PC?