Black Metal Symposium To Bore Brooklyn To Death

Posted by on August 20, 2009

Symposium2006-500x333Our friends at Metal Sucks let us know that there’s going to be a black metal theory symposium at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on December 12. Some of the papers being presented include:

“The Counter-Reformation in Stone and Metal: Spiritual Substances”

“Black Confessions and Absu-lution”

“The light that illuminates itself, the dark that soils itself: blackened notes from Schelling’s underground”

“BAsileus philosoPHOrum METaloricum”

There also be a showing of two artists.

This makes sense to a degree. Black metal is by its very nature, full of intelligent elitists. And it’s kind of clever the way two of the above papers have band names in the titles. On the other hand, really? We’re not anti-intellectualists at Metal Insider, not by a long shot. But hearing six hours of smug discourse on why an artist uses darkness as a metaphor and how their country’s nationalistic politics informs their work sounds like the opposite of how I’d want to spend an afternoon. It might be fun to show up in a Disturbed t-shirt and keep interrupting the presentations to ask when the bands start, though. If you’re interested, you can find out more information here.

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  • “Three in the morning. I realize this second, then this one, then the next: I draw up a balance sheet for each minute. And why all this? Because I was born.” (Cioran, Trouble with Being Born)

    “we are almost dying of boredom . . . Perhaps against our intentions and against our will we are betraying something mysterious in saying this: namely that boredom ultimately grasps at the roots of Dasein.” (Heidegger, Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics)

  • Karl Steel

    We’re not anti-intellectualists at Metal Insider, not by a long shot
    This is the familiar rhetorical form: “I’m not X, but…” It always means “I am X, but I don’t want you to call me X.”

    Why not have a look at what Masciandaro has written before you make assumptions about the content of the event? For example, here (warning: pdf)

  • I am SO there.

  • Filthhoundofhades

    “The closer you get to the meaning the more that you know you are dreaming” RJ Dio

  • Dan Glazner

    My intuition tells me Dennis VanDerGinst would back up this.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys I heard Liturgy is playing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn tonight (Monday 10/10) at a secret show.  “The Returners” are actually going to be LITURGY!  WTF?  Hunter, Bernard, Tyler and Greg are all going to be there!  It’s gonna be SICK!!!!!

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