Ghost Frontman’s Identity Revealed?

Posted by on August 22, 2011

As fans of the Swedish doom metal group know, Ghost go to great lengths to maintain their members’ identities. Not only do most of the band hide their identities in robes, but they also go nameless and don’t use their real voices in interviews. However, it looks like the mystery behind one member’s true identity has been leaked.

Apparently Ghost’s singer Papa Emeritus/the satanic pope is none other than Tobias Forge, who in addition to previously singing in the bands Repugnant and Subvision also collaborated with experimental rock group Magna Carta Cartel. Though numerous sources apparently noticed this before, the Encyclopedia Metallum first brought this to light when it was discovered that Forge is credited as The Ghoul Writer by the Swedish Performing Rights Society, the same name he’s credited as in Ghost’s debut full length album Opus Eponymous.

We for one never would’ve expected the same singer from Ghost to be singing on songs like this. To think, Forge would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. Zoinks!

[via Heavy Blog Is Heavy]

[picture of Ghost via Maija Lahtinen]

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  • sherlock says:

    Eight months later…

  • Patrik N says:

    What a shock! Not! Half the world knew it was Forge who was the man behind the mask.

    And I think I’m not the only one who can hear traces of Ghost in the Magna Carta Cartel song. So I don’t find it that big a shock he’s written that stuff as well.

  • I knew he was a demon the whole time!! Once I saw this young man backstage well he was in the bathroom but his mask was on the table so I tried it on and the inside was moist and smelled like noodles!!

  • Trying it says:


  • Wesdude123 says:

    that is mad that !!

  • Thats what to be expected. Sounds the same! Britpop. :)

  • ya_boy_roy_corduroy says:

    subversion’s psycamore sounds A LOT like Elizabeth, and repugnant’s instrument tones sound a little like Ghost’s. awesome, take two half decent bands, slap them together to make a great one.

  • Ghostbuster666 says:

    Pop music just got a little bit more… shall we say… evil?…. or lame?

  • wtvr says:

    he was also in crashdiet back in the days hehe

  • BadGirl says:

    Nooo, I saw Ghost over the weekend and the singer looks older than Tobias Forge. His nose looks waaay different too.

  • its a mask i saw ghost twice, last year was obviously a plastered on old man mask, but now hes changed, now it under the eyes ear and the arch of the nose that a molded, when i saw them 2 days ago you can see it coming off sort of on the left of the nose and the ears, the thing that gets me is, Papa is bald, and Tobias, i cant find any images from recently

  • Dan Birchall says:

    The first time I heard Subvision I honestly though of Ghost. That is totally the same dude doing the vocals.

  • joe says:

    whole head mask/prosthestic combo.

  • BARON BLOOD says:

    Damn you are so fucking stupid !

  • Wikked says:

    Is it possible Tobias is just a nameless ghoul? Papa Emeritus II seems really OLD. at Revolver’s award show earlier this year, I noticed he had a LOT of lines in his face and the pictures i find of Tobias Forge shows a young kinda pretty guy…

  • Don3 says:

    I don’t think its him… I watched a recent interview with one of the nameless ghouls (the one with the white guitar) and he said that Papa Emritus is “an old geezer who wears makeup”

  • Don3 says:

    Key word: Old
    Key Word: Geezer

  • Manos Pap says:

    he is! he said it ;)

  • hjhj says:

    It’s definitely not him, this sounds a bit weird but get close ups of papa emeritus and forge and look at their ears and you can see they’re different, the top of papa emeritus’ ears curl over too much

  • Manos Pap says:

    he is sude…HE SAID IT!

  • TheGreatandPowerful Z says:

    it is probably just rubber latex and paint that makes tobias look like an “old Geezer”

  • HotelRoom611 says:

    Subvision are now one of my favorite bands. In fact, not that I dislike Ghost, but I’d say “So Far So Noir” is consistently a better record than either record to this point put out by Ghost.
    “Eraserhead” and “Beyond the Moon” are just incredible but the whole
    thing is catchy and, not unlike Ghost, features great vocals, drumming
    and basswork.

    As for the ongoing mystery regarding Papa’s
    identity – I don’t care because I like Ghost’s music. I mean,
    personally, it seems pretty obvious based on the tonal quality of the
    voice(s), especially listening to the first Ghost album and even the 2nd
    one, that at least in the studio, Tobias was/is Papa. They literally
    have the exact same voice. Both bands play great tunes though so it
    doesn’t matter.

    I mean, not saying this is what happens in
    reality, but for all we know, live/in-concert/in-real-life Papa could
    indeed be an “old geezer” who lip-syncs Tobias’ recorded vocal lines
    from the albums. I’m not suggesting that the band doesn’t play live or
    that this is even the reality, though. In fact, I’ve seen Ghost 3 times
    and have proof that they play their instruments live due to a subtle
    mistake/tech issue leading into a song, and Papa’s live vocal tone isn’t
    exact to the albums either. I mean, Papa does get a lot of help live
    with the harmonies from backing tracks but to me that’s forgivable
    because no one else in the band sings. My thought, which again is all an
    entirely theoretical/hypothetical thought, is that with the nature of
    this band, what’s to say studio Papa isn’t Tobias and live Papa isn’t a
    lip-syncing geezer? You just never know…

    Again, not that I care
    enough to want to figure it out. I’m merely providing my thoughts (the
    gist of which are “you can’t truly know until/unless they say something”

  • James s says:

    One of the guitarist sounds a lot like Micheal akerfelt

  • Marcelo says:

    Dude, Papa Emeritus uses a mask, you can’t see any “lines” in his face. Not his real face at least.

  • Matt Culler says:

    Umm, no…….

  • drquesadilla says:

    I think it’s rather annoying that folks are treating this mere speculation as fact. Speculation is fine as long as we remember that that is all it is: speculation and rumors, namely the unconfirmed rumor that the SPRS has Forge listed as a songwriting credit.

    While this is not only a rumor, it is also important to bear in mind that, even before this supposed revelation, it has always been maintained that only two of the band’s members are involved in the songwriting process, with the frontman NOT being one of them. So even if Forge DOES end up being credited with any of the songwriting, it does not automatically mean he is the frontman.

    Now to be clear, I’m not saying he is or is not; I only mean to say that we do not know. Since it is merely speculation, it shouldn’t be stated as any more than that.

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