Exclusive: Stream Picture Me Broken’s ‘Mannequins’ EP

Posted by on December 17, 2012

While Picture Me Broken’s debut EP for Standby Records, Mannequins, will be released tomorrow (December 18), Metal Insider is streaming the four-song EP today. The California five-piece is led by Brooklyn Layla Allmann. Her name might sound familiar for several reasons. Revolver Magazine has named her one of its “Hottest Chicks In Metal and Hard Rock.” And then there’s her last name, which comes courtesy of the legendary Gregg Allmann. Yet Allmann isn’t getting by on her looks and her family name alone. Mannequins is equally heavy and melodic, and will appeal to fans of In This Moment, Lacuna Coil and Evanescence. This EP, out tomorrow, is a taste of things to come from the band, with their next full-length coming out in the early part of next year. Listen to Mannequins in its entirety in the player after the jump.

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  • Um metalinsider this is their second full length next year.

  • Jpischke

    haha ya I don’t get how they wouldn’t research the band at least a little to know they have already released a full length. Just a quick glance on the ole wikipedia and this stuff wouldn’t happen.

  • Jorge

    it’s perfection,awesome music makes me happy 🙂

  • Omg! Fucking awesome! :DD <3

  • What can I say but, DAMN!!! I love all the songs. Brooklyn’s voice in Beautiful Disguise is Incredible! The bridge is Mannequins is so cool. Torture, Just rocks & Nothing Further just hits you in the chest HARD!!! I love all your music but I did get goosebumps during Beautiful Disguise. Love you guys & can’t wait to see the email with the link to get this in my collection & start putting it out for all to hear. Your oldest fan, Ron

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  • Revgaf

    They didn’t say it’s their first album…Read the article properly before making silly comments. :p

  • Tim

    Oh wow….Another crappy K-mart band.