New Audio Samples From Geoff Tate’s Queensryche Now Online

Posted by on March 13, 2013

The new Queensryche (Geoff Tate’s verision) album won’t be out with its not so subtle cover  until next month, but you can hear new samples from the album now. You can head over to iTunes, where you can stream 90 second clips of the whole album and judge for yourself. So, in addition to getting to hear the new songs, you’ll also get to hear the the bonus re-recording of tracks like “Silent Lucidity,” “Empire,” “Jet City Woman” and “I Don’t Believe In Love.”

From what we can tell, the new songs are what you’d expect from Geoff Tate. Meanwhile, the re-recorded tracks sound almost exactly like their original versions, for better or for worse. You can go ahead and compare these samples with the ones from the other version of Queensryche, but we won’t be able to properly do so until both are out. Frequency Unknown will be released on April 23, while the track listing can be seen after the jump.

Frequency Unknown track listing:

1. When Lightning Strikes

2. Running Backwards

3. Fallen

4. Life Without You

5. In The Hands Of God

6. Cold

7. The Weight Of The World

8. Slave

9. Dare

10. Everything

Bonus tracks:

11. Silent Lucidity

12. Empire

13. Jet City Woman

14. I Don t Believe In Love

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  • DCN314

    Did you actually compare the re-recorded tracks with the originals? It’s an abomination. Tate’s voice is basically gone, and whoever played the instruments on the tracks murdered them as well.

    It’s hard to get a lot from the snippets, but they’re in the vein of OM:2 and DtC. It’s mostly garbage, and wherever there is good musical direction it’s slaughtered by Tate’s “voice”.

    I understand that 30+ years of singing will do some damage, but man. He’s toast.

  • NewQRReview

    WOW, i am surprised! 2 songs sound like a heavier DTC, so I don’t really care for them, 1-2 have pretty poor mix/engineering. Some are great AS+HITNF+TRIBE type stuff. The remixes are mind boggling I can’t believe its Geoff voice of recent, sounds like a alternate takes of the originals recorded back at that time, unbelievable. I like his bonus track Silent Lucidity better then the original. Instrumentation of this group is better then much of the QR last 3-4 outing Having said that, this group on the record isn’t the tour band 🙁 and i hope sarzo and kelly can pull it off, but I have heard to many poor and mistake filled outings from kelly to hold to much hope 🙁

    It needs better mix and engineering, but maybe on the next they can afford better , this was probably a shoe-string (and rushed) project.
    Anyways, I don’t know where geoff found the voice for the bonus stuff, his voice generally isn’t as good on the new material, so I think something may be up, like they harmonized it with his old voice tracks from back in the day? I am getting this album for sure, it isn’t as stupid metal as i thought it would be, which is good, … admittedly I am not a typical QR fan from the early days, I like empire, OMC, Tribe and some of AS is fantastic (just to much soldier talking in some of it to make it epic), I didn’t care for OMC2, can’t stand take cover, can’t stand DTC, or K&T’s either, but unlike most QR fans, I really really like Tribe.
    I want to like TLT QR version, but I am just not into the boring rehash of hard-rock/metal that their samples have shown so far … great if its 1980’s, but most have moved on. For DCN314 to disagree with statement the re-recorded are not very close, what was he listening too? but again, its to dam close (and good), and I suspect some creative editing and harmonizing with his original vocal tracks. Anyways, very pleasant surprise, I was already to hate it, as I did DTC and K&T, but no, Geoff and this version of QR has done a good job, not great, but good, again, they need much better sound engineering, which as Robert Plant will also tell you, will make a “old voice” noticeably better as well (great on the remix however).

  • reckgarr

    I can see some songs already “Dedicated to Susan” Part 3. “Slave”, “Give it To Sue” and “Life Without Sue”.

    I hope Tate raps, since he’s all African American from the waist down.

    There is a very 80’s sounding, hair metal stereotype sound.

    Dare sounds like a U2 song from Rattle and Hum.

    Alt-Ryche/Tate-Ryche whatever you want to call it will die a slow and painful death. But Jeff is determined to make sure draw out the suffering.

  • Jimmy

    Have to agree with DCN314. Tate’s voice is shot. He sounds totally flat and/or off-key on every song. It’s sad, too, because he used to be great–one of the best, in fact. I understand they wanted to get something out there quickly to “stick it to” the LaTorre QR but, as could (and would) be expected, it sounds like a rush job, and seems as though the vocals must have been done in one take. Either that or, as mentioned previously, Geoff just can’t carry a tune anymore. It’s too bad, too, because some of the new music sounds decent.

  • The mix is an absolute insult from a musician of this caliber. Not what expected in terms of standards. New songs are not exciting, You can tell how they have obviously reworked the sounds on guitar and bass so they would sound different and set themselves apart from the original QR. As a result this sounds like a typical cover from just about any garage band with second hand mixer. I would have expected better.

  • Yeep. A bottle of Insania a day doesn’t help his vocal chords out. Sad to let such a good voice get ruined.

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