New Music: Alice In Chains “Check My Brain”

Posted by on August 14, 2009

aic2You’ve already gotten to hear “A Looking In View,” from the long-awaited Alice In Chains album, Black Gives Way To Blue. Here’s the first proper single, “Check My Brain.” Sure, AIC is arguably more grunge than metal, but this song has one of the most evil riffs the band has ever written. After having heard the album a few weeks back, this was definitely one of the most immediate songs. The woozy riff, trademark vocal harmonies, and catchy-as-hell chorus had us hooked right away. Give a listen and let us know what you think.

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  • Stabitha C.

    I think the riff is kind of wack but once the vocals kick in the song gets pretty damn good.

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  • MIke

    Im sorry, but Im not hearing the classic AIC you people are talking about. As a huge fan of AIC and a follower of the band for many years, I have to respectfully disagree. I must admit, this is a good song, but nothing like AIC. If anything, it is reminiscent of Jerry’s solo work.

    So far, of the few tracks that have leaked out…Jerry is the main vocalist, which is fine by me (being a huge Jerry Cantrell fan) but that being said, it lacks the traditional vocal harmonies that were once presented from the late Layne Staley…which is simply irreplaceable.

    Sounds like another Jerry Cantrell album with the support of Mike, Sean and William, but with the AIC logo stamped on it.

    Jerry’s work on Degradation trip is far more darker, sinister and AIC.

  • g

    fuck choruses about california

  • Ektaliptka

    The song is great. There is nothing coming out right now that can even compete with this. Amazing it almost sounds like layne singing… which i’m a little torn about whether i like or not. However, that riff is dark and heavy. You poison loving queers that think otherwise can go back to downloading your free music. I am going to buy this album on the 29th. Probably twice.

  • rob

    i know people are entitled to their opinions but damn, most of you commenting have completely missed the mark on this awesome track. doesn’t sound like classic AIC ?! that’s the first thing i noticed when i heard this, took me right back to 1990 and facelift. go back to listening to your unintelligible cookie monster rock….

  • T


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  • toolbag

    this is what they sounded like when they came out in the nineties too kiddies. this is AIC. this song rocks. \m/

  • Mike Owens

    Wow. I wanted to hate this incarnation of the band, but it’s pretty difficult with a great song like this. Alice was always great at brooding, dark songs and that’s exactly what this is. It doesn’t leave you feeling great, but it does leave it’s mark. Kudos to Cantrell for waiting to put out an album worthy of the Alice in Chains name.

  • Atif Jaleel

    This song is so much WIN!! Yay!! \m/

  • Everybody is stuck in the 90’s with the AIC sound. This song is great. Still has that old school feel to it..but more advanced in a way. Trying to relive the old AIC is tough, but you can still tell that they have a lot left in the tank. Get over it! This is great stuff. Cant wait till September.

  • Kangaroo Jack

    Woohoo, sounds like Alice in Chains are back in action… RIP Layne.

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  • I think the song kicks ass

  • junkhead

    [email protected]$!%^*!ng FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank God, allah, and the four-mother-fucking-winds!
    Layne was one of a kind, and can never be ‘replaced’, so let’s just move on to some good fucking music, and be thankfull….
    It is what it is, and it’s AIC.
    Take it or go the fuck home…..

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  • Franklin

    I can’t wait to hear Godsmack cover this song.

  • C’mon folks…relax…AIC is indeed back! Even Lane’s mom suggested the band name stay the same! The sound is there, the energy is there, the classic AIC is there…period. Blows anything else out there far, far, away!

  • …let them do it again…yeah

    Layne must be twistin’/turnin’ in hell as he hears such R.I.P -offs

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  • ScottSlot

    It’s as Classic AIC as it gets. Jerry was the Mastermind behind all of the oldschool shit anyway. Lane, RIP, was just slowing them down. AIC gave this endeavor the time and respect Layne deserved. Class act all the way. I hope they are just getting started cause this shit Rocks!!!

  • Matt Delmanto

    Sounds more like a Jerry Cantrell single, than an AIC song. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I do like the song, but it doesn’t have that AIC feel. “A Looking In View” sounds more AIC than this song.

  • DaveS

    Holy Shit! Thats about all you can say,mind altering without without the acid.
    This song sounds like Master of Reality meets Alice in Chains.
    I always knew Jerry Cantrell had it in him, and this song is just proof the band has hit a new high and has great things ahead.
    It is got to be about the best damned song I have heard in the last 20 years!

  • David [UK]

    Wow. Incredible track.

    Beutiful brooding, wavering riff. Dark, with soaring elements.

  • David [UK]

    Felt compelled to post twice.

    Let me repeat — awesome riff!

  • Sylvester

    Fucking killer song!
    Sounds like AIC to me.

  • Daniel Stevenson

    I like it alot
    There is some intersting stuff going on with the whole track that i havent heard in quite awhile.


  • Terri Dedrick

    To the person who said this album isn’t classic AIC, and that its only
    reminiscent of Jerry’s solo work…what do you think AIC was?? Jerry wrote more songs then anyone on their past albums! I think “Check my
    Brain” is a freaking great song!!! What else could it be but great???
    It’s AIC baby! They are back, and I for one am thrilled as hell!! Sure
    NOTHING can compare to the old Layne-Jerry music. We all miss Layne and always will. But life goes on, and so is AIC. Support and give them the love they deserve damnit! 🙂

  • Izzy

    THIS STUFF ROCKS!!! All you guystalking about its not classsic Alice Please. This is a classic. Check your ears.

  • Aaron

    I can be the true judge of this…because, I didn’t know a new album was coming out and I heard this song on the radio and I’m like that sounds just like the old Alice In Chains…I told myself that I was going to get the album of whomever was singing it because it hit a home run with me…I didn’t think I would ever hear that kind of sound again…I was running the bands through my head that could pull that kind of sound off and nothing came to mind and I thought it must be a new band that did justice to the AIC’s sound…I was surprised to find out that it was actually AIC…I do agree with one of the previous comments that the vocals don’t exactly measure up to Layne’s full range of vocalization, but it does hit part of it…I would enjoy to hear a frontman that could come close to Layne’s talant…

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