Funeral date set for AC/DC’s Malcolm Young

Posted by on November 22, 2017

According to News.com.au, the funeral for AC/DC co-founder and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young will be held on Tuesday (28th) at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney Australia. His family requested that the services will not be broadcast in order to mourn in private. The funeral will begin at 11AM and it is the same day as the annual celebration of Australian music, the ARIA awards.

The co-founder died this past Saturday (18) at the age of 64 after suffering from a series of health issues including dementia. Malcolm’s former bandmate and friend, Brian Johnson, recently publicly opened up about the loss of while artists including Guns N’ Roses and Foo Fighters paid a tribute live on stage. Other artists including Dave Mustaine and Sepultura shared their thoughts on social media.

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  • pheet007

    I checked the list of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees to see if AC/DC was one of them, and I am happy to report they are. This is really funny in a few ways. When AC/DC was first starting to get noticed in the U.S., having already been established as superstars in their home country of Australia before relocating to England to be closer to breaking the U.S. market, one that paid only a passing notice to heavy music, being much more interested in disco, and New Wave performers. AOR rock was still popular, but the kind of rock and roll AC/DC played, which was the right way, irritated critics, scared ‘fraidy cats who thought it didn’t get any tougher than Foreigner, and the Bible Belt cult, who, after finding out about “Highway To Hell” had a new band to pick on and try to ruin.
    Well, then as now, nobody outside the cult gave a fuck about what they thought. As “Back In Black” hit the streets, it turned out to be a very important album because it didn’t just have great songs – it was a real hard as hell rock and roll album that reinvigorated fans of metal, even some punkers and those who recognized great music when they heard it.
    Of course, after much touring and more albums, they were quickly made legends worldwide. For a while though, the behemoth retailer Wal-Mart was bending to public pressure in the face of Reagan and the religious right wack jobs, and announced they would not stock certain metal groups’ albums and demand “clean” versions of some others. This move backfired spectacularly. People were not about to let this business that has ruined the local economies of thousands of towns across the country by underselling the mom and pop downtown stores and causing rampant unemployment, keeping out unions, denying insurance and abusing its “associates” to extreme degrees define morality for anybody.
    AC/DC and Black Sabbath were on this list and I don’t recall who else was. But hypocrites being hypocrites, and seeing that not stocking metal albums had no effect except to provide more publicity for the bands they were blacklisting, and having their own CD sales plummet, got a brainstorm. Metal bands were once again “allowed” to sell their albums in Wal-Mart, which I’m sure they were all rejoiced to find out. AC/DC had taken a break for a while, and when it came close to releasing “Black Ice”, Wal-Mart brokered a deal that the new album would be sold ONLY in Wal-Mart for a certain time period.
    The band were no fools. They agreed, got paid a ton for the deal besides the sales themselves, and no doubt thoroughly enjoyed watching Wal-Mart eat a big load of shit after having the nerve to try to be America’s Morality Store.
    That’s just one great AC/DC story, and I’m pleased so many different web sites covered Malcolm’s passing. It shows how popular and loved the band is, and while losing him to dementia is horrible, Malcolm Young, like Lemmy Kilmister, lived the life they loved and believed in. It is that love and dedication that made the difference between some band just slugging it out for the money, and doing nothing new or exciting, and AC/DC and Motorhead, whom together were champions of real kick ass genuine rock and roll. At least Angus and his family and band and employees can hold their heads high and celebrate the enormous contributions and accomplishments they achieved, and how great Malcolm’s input and dreams were.