Dave Mustaine Has Some Mega-Random Things In His House

Posted by on November 22, 2011

Back in October, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine invited Spin Magazine into his California home and showed off ten of his most prized possessions. While his top ten possessions included guitars and his original vinyl copy of AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock (expected stuff), Mustaine also has some unusual items he holds dearly. How random? Well, we wouldn’t have expected a guy like Mustaine to have a miniature horse or shofar in his house. He may have heartfelt reasons behind each item (apparently the Mustaine household took in Rocky, the miniature horse, after finding him in a junkyard abused and malnourished). However, it still caught us a bit off guard to see Mustaine next to a miniature horse. If you see Megadeth on the Gigantour next year and Dave can’t sing, you’ll know why from the enclosed picture – he’s feeling a little horse.

You can check out all ten of Mustaine’s prized possessions and his reasoning over at Spin Magazine’s website, while video of Mustaine discussing a few of his favorite items can be seen after the jump. We personally love seeing Mustaine playing the shofar and revealing his latest addiction…M&Ms.

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  • what are you an idiot? what did you expect him to live in an ammo dump guarded by magical skeleton soldiers? this is real life, not a comic book. he’s 50 years old, he’s married and he has kids. you might not expect to see him next to a nerf playset either but he’s probably had stuff like that in his house. wtf, are you serious? is this a joke?

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