Is Bleeding Through Calling It Quits?

Posted by on January 3, 2013

For the better part of the 00’s, Bleeding Through was a major staple of the Orange County metalcore scene. But now, as a few Facebook posts indicate, it appears that the group is disbanding for good in 2013.

An official announcement has yet to be released, but the following was posted on Facebook yesterday:

“Hey Europe come see us play the ‘Hit The Deck Festival’ Stay tuned for complete dates. This will be our final European tour…… I know that some of you know this already. Many don’t…. Some people already think we are done. Starts in April.”

Granted, the post could be interpreted in numerous ways. However, guitarist Dave Nassie (who joined the group in 2009) added more fuel to the fire by adding the following comment on Facebook:

“I respect my band mates and all the hard work they put into the band before I joined. Unfortunately, yes man. I have been open about how I don’t want it to happen. But, like I said I didn’t build it. Just have loved every min of it and one person can’t keep it alive as much as I have tried. Please come out and see the band I have truly loved being apart of one last time. Dave”

Nassie added in a separate comment that Bleeding Through would tour the States in the Summer. While Nassie’s comments definitely indicate that Bleeding Through is calling it quits, there’s always the chance that the guitarist isn’t speaking on behalf of everyone. Either way, it looks some changes are occurring within the Bleeding Through camp (for better or worse).

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  • Metal|Bleed says:

    Love this band. They are one of my favorite. I don’t know why my douchebag friend dislikes them, I this they are awesome ! I have a T-shirt of them which I ordered from . And every time he sees me he is like: Oh, man ditch that band. Too bad for him for not knowing good music.

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