Mayhem Fest 2012 Rumors Starting To Heat Up

Posted by on January 19, 2012

We’re less than a week away from the official announcement being made, but rumors about who will be playing this Summer’s Mayhem Fest are still gaining steam. We’ve already heard about Slipknot, Slayer,  Motörhead, and As I Lay Dying being set to appear on this year’s bill. Today, though, The PRP have added more fuel to the fire by reporting on rumors about Anthrax and Whitechapel’s potential involvement.

Whitechapel’s name has been thrown around the rumor mill for a bit after Phil Bozeman told Rock And Metal News that Mayhem Fest was in the works. Anthrax’s involvement, though, seems to have come out of nowhere. They were on the road with Testament and Death Angel last Fall and will be touring with the two again starting this weekend, but at the moment Anthrax’s Summer seems pretty open (at least between July and August).

Of course, these are just rumors and we won’t know for sure until Wednesday, January 25. But seriously, how awesome does bill with Slipknot, Slayer, Motörhead and Anthrax sound (and throw in As I Lay Dying and Whitechapel as a major bonus)? We for one have our fingers crossed that these rumors are true.

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  • Wolverinekills says:

    On Dec 4th Scott Ian answered a fan question in his official twitter and stated “Yes” to the band doing a US summer tour which led to speculation they are on Mayhem Festival 2012. Motorhead revealed last night on their twitter that they are not on Mayhem Festival this summer. Not sure where the Slayer info came from. Korn and 5FDP told a radio DJ that their management had them confirmed for Mayhem Fest 2012. Expect it to look like this:

    As I Lay Dying

  • Scp408 says:

    Id love to.see skeletonwitch again… Maybe.sylosis?

  • Brianp852008 says:

    I’m not the biggest Anthrax fan, but just because 5 Finger dick punch got popular over night doesn’t give them the street cred to play after Anthrax. Anthrax are legends and part of the Big 4… They’ll only get 35-40 min to play. That’s why i don’t like these touring festivals we get in The States. Europe get all the get shit, with REAL metal bands.

  • Rocbig12 says:

    slayer and anthrax suck so overrated!

  • Epacse says:

    i hope suicide silence…

  • Jesustorres1301 says:

    lamb of god
    fuck all the other bands especially iwresteledbearonce they are gay as fuck SLAYER AND ANTHRAX KICK ASS fuck all you scene faggots im going to throw shit at them lol..wish disturbed megadeth metallica system of a down were in this mayhem lol i know this will never happen wouldnt it be cool to see deicide there

  • BloodConspiracy says:

    I wanna see Manson again!

  • CORYRD13 says:


  • Shockwavw720 says:

    More bands like Arch Enemy

  • GrandpaKremlin420 says:


  • Turdkiller says:

    how old are little punk i bet u love trivuium, FAG u dont know shit bout metal

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