Relapse Records Director Of Sales Pat Egan Passes Away

Posted by on February 18, 2013

Egan, right, and Shadows Fall’s Brian Fair

The New York area has lost a pillar of its metal community, as Relapse Records director of  retail sales and marketing Pat Egan has passed away. Egan had been in a hospital for the last several months after suffering complications from pneumonia. He’d been showing signs of improvement as recently as last week, and had been texting friends and sending updates about his condition via social media.

A familiar presence at New York and Long Island metal shows, Egan had been at Relapse for the past decade, helping champion bands including Mastodon, High on Fire, Baroness and Red Fang. Before that, he’d worked at KOCH Records, Energy Records and Pavement Records, among others. His entry into the industry was at Long Island independent record store Looney Tunes, where he rose up the ranks from clerk to metal buyer to store manager before entering the record business.  A true metalhead, Egan’s passion for metal was apparent to all he came into contact with. He was also a dedicated father and husband. As the many people he’s mentored, laughed with, and rocked out to will be able to attest, it will be hard to imagine life without him.

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  • Freeman says:

    You will be missed.

  • Kevin Rose says:

    Amen. R.I.P. my brother in Metal.



  • Awwwww Pat…rest in peace =(

  • Eric Greif says:

    Pat was not only instrumental in sales success for me & many others (and a walking metal encyclopedia), he was a fantastic guy & family man. I am personally shocked by this news. :(

  • DCT says:

    He will be sorely missed. I will miss you, my SMFFofTS brother. Forever in our hearts.

  • derek neglect says:

    a old friend for many year of me and my family since the days when looney tunes was called cut corners, they always take the good ones, and pat wat truly one of them, i am heartbroken by the news…

  • Johnny says:

    Lukan is obviously a cornerstone of peak mental and physical health. Lifting weights at 75 mph while listening to lunkhead garbage like Hatebreed. Good job talking shit on someone that died. What a friggen idiot. RIP Pat, you did alot of good things for alot of people. Lukan, go enjoy another protein shake you worthless asshole.

  • D Aliberti says:

    I met this guy a few times in the early 90s when I lived in NY and he seemed like a poser to me. A typical record label guy who was in it for the wrong reasons. At the bar instead of in the crowd. I’m not happy that he’s dead, I’m not saying that but I don’t think he was on the side of the musician as much as the business. Just because someone works at a label doesn’t mean that he’s a metalhead. He’ll be missed by the industry germs like him and not the fans or bands.

  • Rusty Bawz says:

    I was lucky enough to meet Pat one time. It was shortly before he went into the hospital. He hooked me up with a good tattoo artist who did my Soulfly ink the day of the show. I had been wanting to get it done for almost a decade with no luck. Now I have something to remember to remember him with.

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