Lady Gaga – Secret Metalhead?

Posted by on January 11, 2010

Aside from the fact that she’s a global juggernaut, Lady Gaga seems to have two groups of devout fans: women and the gays. But after reading a post on her Twitter over the weekend, metal peeps might need to show her some respect too. Anyone that likes metal or eats meat in the midwest knows about Kuma’s Corner, the Chicago burger joint that features creations named after heavy bands. Apparently, she stopped by the institution over the weekend to have a Judas Priest burger (bacon, bleu cheese dressing with apples, walnuts, and dried cranberries) and tweeted about it. Normally, we’d just give her some props for being a diva that likes a burger and beer in an age of vegetarians, but then we got around to reading her tweet:

Just spent the morning at kuma’s, judas priest burger and cheap beer, denim +leather, brought us all together.

So wait, Lady Gaga is QUOTING SAXON! Our respect for her just went up significantly. We kinda had her pegged as the type of person that would say she liked metal, and then rattle off Motley Crue and Def Leppard as bands she liked. But Saxon? Wow, just wow.

pic via [this girl]

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  • TheMightyBlue says:

    So, you’re saying she’s like Princess of the Night then?

  • I highly doubt someone that lame would actually know a lyric from a Saxon song. More likely she just blurted out the same words as a coincidence. No one who has any respect for metal would be involved with such shitty music as she is.

  • Pat says:

    That burger sounds awful! Obviously a Halford original.

  • Stabitha says:

    I’m her biggest fan, I’ll follow her until she loves me…

  • Wesleano says:

    I don’t know man, I know she had a rock/art metal band when she was first coming up heavily influenced by Queen. So she might be into some heavy stuff. All in all bitch is just crazy.

  • Steff Metal says:

    Her wikipedia page says she used to date a metalhead, too. So chances are she probably knows what she’s tweeting about.

  • Stabitha says:

    Leather and jeans / Garage glamorous…

  • Steve Irons says:

    Are we sure she said Saxon? ….for christ sake I hope she was just sneezing!! Cant imagine shite like LadyGAGA being connected in any way shape or form to the mighty Saxon

  • biff says:

    obviously she has impeccable taste

  • Kevin says:

    I’ll wait until I start hearing the cover songs before I look to modern pop singers for approval of what I listened to 20 years ago.

  • B.C. says:

    Lady Gaga is one of the strangest ppl ever. Just cause she stopped at a metal resturant and had a judas burger(that sounds like shit! making think of it, i want to through up), then site a qoute from saxon? doesn’t make her a metalhead

  • Ace says:

    This is exactly why “metalheads” are frowned upon by people who like metal and are wise enough to carry an open mind. You may not like her music, kiddos – but this chick knows her stuff. She even admitted to dancing to Run to the Hills when explaining her father thought she was unstable in NYC. All in all she gets my respect as a singer, song writer, artist and a respectable fan of music.

    As for all of you close minded, dipshits – that’s probably why you guys don’t get laid. :)

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  • DevinWeiss says:

    I read gossips almost everywhere, that absolutely nothing in Drag queen Gaga is original and that she is usually a copycat :-( I nevertheless really like Lady Gaga coZ she is awesome!

  • I don’t like beyonce because she always does bad things , altough i like her voice

  • steve says:

    fuckin new it, listen to love game. under lying riff is heaps metal.

  • Tester says:

    lol, I love Lady Gaga!

  • Lady GaGa rocks, but is she really one of the most influential ppl?

  • Shen says:

    Funny how metalheads just try to deny this fact. Don’t get me wrong, I love metal in almost every form. However I have no trouble admitting I like Lady Gaga’s music a lot too. Besides, I think she has a rather varied and often bizarre background. Honestly, unlike what people might think from looking at just the surface, Gaga’s awfully “true” for modern pop.

  • krscape says:

    Lady Gaga or Stefani Germanotta, when she was young she has her own rock band and this is Lady Gaga D’yer Maker Led Zeppelin Cover live @ The Bitter End 1/20/06 on youtube.

  • Cannerus says:

    It’s not a secret. This is really common knowledge. She used to be part of a rock/burlesque routine where she’d do her music too. Googling basic facts pays off :p

  • trist says:

    Some metalheads are just PRETENTIOUS DICKS. They care more about image than they do about music. There’s really no difference between metalheads like them and justin bieber. All they care about is looking cool. Lady gaga will never be accepted in their community because of the simple and insignificant fact that she is labled “pop” by mainstream media.

  • Metalhead says:

    metal version

    lady gaga- paparazzi

  • kladskl;a says:

    All she did was eat at a themed resturant who gives a fuck. She not metal and shes a media attention whore. Fuck her in her ass.

  • Hank says:

    A lot of people are hostile towards overt pop music but if you suspend your prejudices and open your mind, her music is absolutely outstanding. I can see why she has become as big as she has, I’m in my late 30s and bought her new record and it’s incredible. “Highway Unicorn” in particular fuses elements of industrial, heavy metal and heavy pop hooks and several other tracks are close to that level.

  • Shanevenom says:

    If u love that bitch go and fuck her gay ass ,,,, mother fucker..!!!

  • Shanevenom says:

    Cause u cant admit ur Lesbian bitch…!!!!! 

  • Shanevenom says:

    Well Said Brother ….!! We are just like a big Family Metal heads that sound is better than home…!!! These people just here because  
    they are just fucking metal posers not because they know the true meaning of metal,……Stay Heavy Brother…..m/

  • Slowpokerama says:

    I’m a bit disappointed in my metal brethren in regards to the replies to this post. Seriously, if it matters so much to any of you that a pop singer listens to metal, I think it might be that time in your life where you shut off your computer and either shut yourself off from society, or perhaps go out and meet other people.

  • Bigfatblunt says:

    yeah yeah yeah. we know gaga loves metal. we all saw the pics of her in the audience at the Iron Maiden concert. we all saw the early concert of her crowd surfing back when she first started. we all know, before she was famous she used to be in a metal band, and do metal covers. all the more reason she’s a sellout. I read an interview with her where she said she ‘cried for days’ after being told by her producers that they wanted her to do dance instead of rock and metal.  sellout. 

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