Dave Mustaine Responds To James Hetfield’s “Supergroup/Big Mouth” Comments

Posted by on May 14, 2012

In an interview with Artisan News last Friday, Dave Mustaine responded to James Hetfield’s comments regarding his “big mouth” and talk of a supergroup. Those looking to hear the Megadeth frontman lash out against his former Metallica bandmates, though, will be disappointed. Not only did he proclaim that he feels its ok that they don’t want to jam again, but that he even texted Hetfield apologizing for the comments.

You can watch Artisan News’ entire interview with Mustaine below, but here’s what he had to say regarding Hetfield’s comments:

“I already sent a text message and said I apologized to him for saying that and that I won’t ever mention it again. I like James and I thought what he said was flattering, and then it kind of went the opposite way, and then it kind of came back again. And you know, that’s OK. I guess my whole thing was I just wanted them to know that I loved them and that I missed them and I enjoyed playing with them. If that’s not mutual, then I understand. I still respect him, and I still care about the guy. If he doesn’t wanna play anymore, that’s cool. If he doesn’t like the idea of what I said, that’s OK, too. It wasn’t like I said it was gonna happen, it was something that I kind of wished would happen. But you know, it’s OK now, since it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen. And you know what? It’s off my bucket list.”

He then went on to admit the following:

“The thing is that I probably shouldn’t have said stuff like that ‘cause I guess to some people they may think that I’m trying to use that as a way to get publicity. So I could see where there would be some feelings about it. And that wasn’t my intention.”

Considering that Dave Mustaine likely would have torn Hetfield a new asshole if these comments were made in the 90’s, we have to applaud him for taking the high road in his latest response. And while we may never get to see said “supergroup” come to life, at least Mustaine got the chance to perform with Metallica at least once last year.

Watch Artisan News’ entire interview with Mustaine after the jump.

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  • Messiahproject

    I always like Megadeth because I thought they had more “balls” than Metallica. Mustaine has officially destroyed that notion.

  • the obvious truth

    Hetfield is a ridickulous pos, metalickah have always sucked and I never like them. I grew up in the eighties and I always leaned toward Rhodes, Oliva(Savatage),Megadeath and just about any other band. Metallica just always seemed like absolute garbage.
    Mustaine made better music (period)

    In 1983ish the played kalamazoo Michigan at state theater, hole Herfield yelled up at me as I slept in the balcony to “wake up”
    Burton’s white noise bass sound put me right to sleep.

    I yelled back stfu I’m sleeping here you moron

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