Did Tosh.0’s ‘Metal’ Web Redemption Go Too Far?

Posted by on June 22, 2011

During last night’s episode of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, comedian/host Daniel Tosh gave a “Web Redemption” to the stars of “The Heavy Metal Club” video. The original YouTube video featured teenage members of a heavy metal club (based in Seattle) performing a metal medley for unamused group of elementary students. In addition to taking a few stabs at metal and its fans, Tosh gives these teenagers the chance to party like rock stars backstage before performing at L.A.’s famed Roxy club.

Now I don’t mind a few low blows at metal fans’ expense. The thing I have a bit of an issue with, though, is the segment’s ending. As the heavy metal club wrapped up their performance, an electrical fire starts and the club goes ablaze. Once the band leaves the stage, Tosh holds the door shut, preventing “groupies” from going backstage and escaping the fire. This would be somewhat humorous to me…if a similar incident hadn’t already happened in 2003 during Great White’s Rhode Island club show.

I’m not claiming that Tosh purposefully went out of his way to make fun of such a horrific tragedy. I also realize that Tosh.0 is the last place you should be looking for “good taste” (which is part of the reason why I myself am a fan of the show). However, it still feels a bit disrespectful to all of those who were affected by the infamous Station nightclub fire. I personally hate to play the “too soon” card, especially since it takes a lot to offend me, but this was the first time Tosh.0 made me think to myself “wow, this is going too far.”

Maybe I’m overreacting to the whole thing. Watch the segment for yourself up top, and let us know your thoughts on it down below in the comment section.

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  • Franklin

    I think it’s funny. It’s a nod to the fire for sure and in classic Tosh.0 fashion, he will offend everyone. Today it’s your turn.

  • BA Barockas

    Are you kidding? TOO SOON?! it was 9 years ago. I thought the sketch was RIDICULOUSLY funny. Get the sand out of your vagina.

  • I wasn’t offended. It just wasn’t funny. It was funnier when it was just the Youtube video of those kids being terrible in front of elementary school kids who didn’t get it.

    As far as the fire thing at the end, I don’t think it was referencing the Great White fire. From the opening monologue it was evident that Tosh’s writers are clueless about anything metal or hard rock related.The same recycled jokes and a brief shot of Black Veil Brides means no one there probably even knows about that event.

  • dmsuperman

    I hope you’re equally upset about every other fictional situation in which people are harmed or killed or oppressed or attacked. For every fictional conflict (aliens and world wide battles aside), there is at least one historical account of something similar happening somewhere.

    Don’t arbitrarily choose which things you want to get upset about. Either you hate when people portray fictional scenarios that could possibly be randomly misconstrued as related to some real life event, or you don’t. Deciding to get mad over one video is silly.

  • This smacks heavily of the typical hypocrisy of laughing at others’ discomfort willingly (you were, of course, watching Tosh.0) up until the moment it hits close to home. It wasn’t a particularly funny bit, but for someone to get their nose into a snoot over a weak cable comedy bit is not remotely metal. Go listen to Slayer and shut up.

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  • I didn’t exactly find the web redemption to be funny as it is, but I’m still debating whether it was actually a reaction to the station night club fire

  • Haha love it! The kurt cobain sweater image is best 😉

  • lindz

    Well it wasn’t too soon that’s for sure.

  • Matt

    he definitely did that on purpose…a few seasons ago he was showing a cooking fire, and CC blanked out him saying “Ah, Great White throws the best barbeques..”

  • Guy_who_likes_jokes

    This is what Daniel Tosh does.  Push the envelope.  You said it yourself, “part of the reason” you’re a fan of the show.  Enjoying 99% of the edgy comedy and gasping at the 1% that is about metal music (and is no worse than anything else this show has said/done) is hypocritcal.

  • Ddmholst

    Lighten up or change the channel. Being a art fan( whether it’s comedy, metal music or whatever) you should not try to dissuade this. I’m pretty sure if you check your history there have been plenty of people offended by metal music and I’m sure you disagreed with them. Just saying.

  • DYA

    You should probably check if your HMO will cover that waaaambulance ride.

  • justinbeaver

    you might belong to the Emo insider. grow some!

  • fagfaggington

    Hey man, I think he was locking them in the burning room because of that story about the Beatles being locked in a recording studio by their producer until they cut an album.

  • Jason

    I’ve never heard that story, and George Martin wasn’t the type of person to use such tactics, especially not with The Beatles. Maybe you’re thinking of Andrew Loog Oldham locking Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in the kitchen and wouldn’t let them out until they wrote a song, which ended up being As Tears Go By.