Texas Hippie Coalition Guitarist Taking Leave After Arm Injury

Posted by on May 3, 2012

Talk about a tough break for the Texas Hippie Coalition. It has been revealed today that guitarist Randy Cooper will be forced to sit out of the “Band Of Outlaws” upcoming plans for the immediate future after suffering a serious arm injury.

The band’s manager Brad White (Creative Management Group) confirmed the news via the following statement:

“It is with great sadness that I deliver this message to the friends, fans and ‘Coalition’ members. Our Brother Randy ‘The Arsonist’ Cooper is taking leave from Texas Hippie Coalition to deal with an immediate health condition. Unfortunately, Randy has suffered a tear in one of the tendons in his right arm connecting to the bicep which will require surgery and 6-12 months of rehab. Therefore, he will not be touring with the band this year.

We’ll continue to keep everyone updated on Randy’s condition while he goes through the healing process. We are asking for your prayers, positive thoughts and support during this tough time.”

It’s presently unclear whether Texas Hippie Coalition have found a replacement guitarist for upcoming commitments, but with an album coming out this Summer, it’s safe to say they’ll soldier on with a new Hippie in tow.

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  • Zyltron

    Sounds like a good excuse to me! get his ass out of there and let Wes show them how its done! he is 1,000 times better than Randy anyways! Dumbasses!

  • gojam1

    cooper was never that good but Rich was devoted to him I thought

  • Mary Tingle

    Uneducated idiot!