Coffee To Extinction: Dave Mustaine Stops Production Of Coffee

Posted by on August 14, 2009

must_coffeeUsed to be if you were looking to get coffee from aging metalheads, you had your pick from KISS and Dave Mustaine. Now there’s only one game in town, as Blabbermouth reports that Dave Mustaine has released a statement that his wife’s company, Net Worth Coffee Brokers, will no longer be producing Dave Mustaine’s coffee. 

“It has been a fun run while it lasted, I love every one of you that ordered the coffees and stuff, but all good things must come to an end, and the end is near for Dave Mustaine’s coffee. I have done my share with helping Net Worth Coffee Brokers [the company launched by Dave’s wife, Pam Mustaine] and helping the Door of Faith charity, and now I am going to look for something new and exciting to do again.

Net Worth Coffee Brokers will continue to roast and sell the most awesome coffees around, so if you are looking for my stuff, it is going to be phased out soon. I will tell you when, but suffice to say, so that they don’t ever sit on stale inventory, there is no inventory; they fill your order almost right after you make it. Until then . . . Be sure to continue to support Net Worth Coffee Brokers, and stay tuned for ‘What in the world is next as we continue . . . with the Daves of our Lives!’

“But seriously folks, thank you all so very much for believing in this and for supporting the charities; it meant the world to me. We are going to continue to fill orders for the existing members and then it’s off to find something awesome and start this all over again!!”

It seems like this is a little abrupt. I mean, there are a number of reasons why this might have happened, but as recently as two weeks ago, he was promoting his coffee in a separate statement.

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  • Josh says:

    ok? and anyone cares?

  • Chris M says:

    It tastes like dying children.

  • Ricardo Oki says:

    It doesn´t taste like dying children and I do care about Dave Mustaine´s coffee. I believe it is not a metal market, except for KISS. Dave is promoting a drink that keep us awake for working. For our daily fight through survival.
    What would be if we had seen a alcoholic based drink associated with metal or even general rock……..

  • Kris Reeb says:

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  • jamie summerfield says:

    i want to get two bags of Dave Mustaine coffee & KISS coffee & Rob Zombie coffer to,i live in Australia how do i get if i still can. Rock On & Live Large & God Bless Dave your the man

  • glenn says:

    You are a super faggot and dave mustaine is amazing so you better care!!!!!!!!

  • glenn says:

    hey josh blowwwww meeeee

  • Bobbie Z says:

    Coffee Sells… but Who’s Buying?

  • Premature Peter says:

    It tastes like ashes in your mouth.

  • Robert says:

    Went from Net Worth to No Worth. Hey Dave are you offering a discount on the Belly Up Breakfast Blend?

  • TMWrench1 says:

    Oh yeah, Josh, We care! And YOUR MOTHER cared for my (Call It Psychotron!) over YOUR FATHERS (Rust ‘ed Peace), which she said tasted like ‘Ashes In Your Mouth!’ cause ‘Peace Sells, and She’s Buying’ my ‘High Speed Dirt’ in her ‘Hanger18′ !!!! LMMFAO!!!!

  • arrow2010 says:

    Would hard liquor be more appropriate with a side of speedball?

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