Black Sabbath to disband after next album

Posted by on October 24, 2014

black sabbathIt’s been four years since Ozzy Osbourne’s last solo album, Scream, and it’s pretty safe to say that no one’s clamoring for another solo album from the Ozzman unless we’re talking about something on the level of 1991’s No More Tears. That’s not stopping Ozzy from returning to his solo career after releasing another Black Sabbath album, or at least that’s what he told Esquire in an interview. Doing an interview around his new DVD, Memoirs of a Madman, Ozzy states that he can’t focus on both Sabbath and his solo album, so after the band come out with their next album, he’ll disband them:

I’m not one of these guys to do my solo stuff one night and Black Sabbath the next. I can’t do that, you know. It’s too much to handle. So with the Black Sabbath thing, the record company wants us to do one more record, and we’ve decided to do one more tour, and at the end of the tour we just disband and I go back to doing my solo stuff. And that’s why I released Memoirs of a Madman, to let people out there know I’m still functioning as a solo artist.

He doesn’t completely rule out another Sabbath album, though, as later, he states “if this is Black Sabbath’s last hurrah, then we’ll have ended it on an up note rather than when I left in 1979 and everybody was fucked up on one thing or another and I was marked out as being the worst, you know.” That “if” means that it’s not totally out of the question, but there are a lot of variables, mainly Tony Iommi’s health. He also states that they haven’t started work on the new album yet:

I texted [guitarist] Tony [Iommi] the other day. I said, “It would be a great idea if you could send me some musical ideas so I can try and work some melodies around so we don’t have to go searching for the song structure.” So I’m not starting from a cold block, you know?

You know what would be awesome? Getting a text from Ozzy Osbourne. Given that there hasn’t been any music written for the next Sabbath album (14?) yet, it’ll probably be late next year at the earlier we’ll hear new Sabbath. Hopefully it’ll be with Bill Ward this time. And Ozzy probably won’t put out a solo album for a year or two after that. So yeah, Ozzy, who turns 66 in December, might not have another solo album out until he’s 68.

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  • Scott Hedegard

    Bands can’t stay together forever, but it’s a testimony to the world of metal that bands have longer life spans than most other genres. There’s an authenticity and sincerity that goes along with metal that helps form lifelong fan bases, much unlike pop groups who are hot for five minutes and disappear forever. Of course, people like Shakira, Brittany Spears and other manufactured “artists” who can’t even sing, but look good shaking their asses on stage lip synching, are not designed for longevity. It’s purely for the teen age crowd or older ones maybe into their 30’s who are desperate to appear hip and up on every latest trend. This type of consumer is typically non musical, only thinks of image, and wouldn’t know musical integrity if it bit them on the ass.
    To be fair, there’s a lot of posing in metal and hard rock, too. Take KISS or Aerosmith, both bands who should have hung it up long ago. And of course the slew of copycats that follow in the wakes of something fresh – Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan fostered the whole djent movement, and because they were the originators and not posuers they still rule. Same with death, black metal, metalcore, etc.
    Why do we love Sabbath? Because it’s the purest metal band and has a sound that in their early days was positively sinister. Hundreds of doom bands have tried rewriting the first three albums over and over again, to various degrees of success. Ozzy’s alien voice was the perfect recipe for equally disturbing tonality and bends that far exceeded other heavy music of the day. As good as Led Zeppelin was, for all their hippy dippy mysticism and their share of heavy moments, Black Sabbath was the heaviest band ever. I recall as a high schooler in the mid 70’s that Black Sabbath over all others in my little redneck town sent shivers up your spine just mentioning the name, and hearing that music was indescribable compared to the wet noodle shit like the Eagles, Jackson Browne and other limp shit out there. KISS came close in the early days, and Aerosmith was very heavy, along with a few bands that were better known in larger cities. But Sabbath was guaranteed to freak your girlfriend out, have preachers foaming at the mouth, and drive your parents insane.
    Now they’re cultural icons! Go figure, but their delivery has turned out to be a fairly accurate barometer of everything sinister, dark and mentally disturbing. They have paid their dues, and a final album would be hailed as a fine chapter to take them into real legend. “13” was a great album, the next I’m sure will be, and after another tour, it’s a good idea especially for Tony to call it a day and look back on a wonderful career that has truly made him THE metal godfather. Best of luck to all of them.

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