Floor Jansen Was Prepping To Join Nightwish On Tour Prior To Split With Anette Olzon

Posted by on October 5, 2012

Here comes more fuel for the fire behind Anette Olzon’s departure from Nightwish. According to touring singer Floor Jansen (formerly of After Forever), the group was already planning to have her to take over for Olzen on tour from November through January.

During an interview with Dutch radio station 3FM earlier this week, Jansen shared how she came to join the tour a whole month earlier than originally planned [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]:

“Saturday morning [September 29] I got a text message saying, ‘How fast can you come to the USA?’ So I packed everything as quickly as I could and booked a ticket for the first plane and practiced the songs. They had already previously asked me to join them on the road for the dates in November, December and January, [so] I had been preparing for it a little bit for only one week. And since those plans changed [over the weekend], I ended up only having a few days to get ready and a rehearsal of two hours with [the songs’] lyrics in front of me.”

Well, this just got a whole lot more interesting. Not that it wasn’t before. Olzon’s split from the band seemed rather sudden following the events of the show in Denver, but now it’s looking like this might have been planned all along. Though we can only speculate as to what extent this will move forward, Jansen said that there has yet to be discussion regarding her appearing on a Nightwish record. Honestly, though, it wouldn’t be too surprising if she was already in talks to join up with the band. With that said, we can already rule out one option for Nightwish.

If you’re wondering how Jansen sounds with the band, find out for yourself with fan filmed footage after the jump.


[via Blabbermouth.net]

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  • Lincoln Nash

    Damn. Jansen nails it.

  • momo

    Floor is perfect. Her voice on the other hand is quite unhearable in the show, is it because she’s new and not too prepared or because NW boys want her to look good on stage but not to have a major part in the bands “thing”. Show and drama behind the scene.. when are they going to make a reality show about all that crap?

  • no name

    Considering that she had little time to prepare, I’d say she’s perfectly fit for Nightwish.

  • gatoblanco

    this is awful. remember when Anette joined the band Tuomas said that they didn’t want a copy-cat of Tarja? well, THAT IS A TARJA COPY CAT. and she dressed herself like a whore. sad world we live in. ANETTE, COME BACK.

  • stevez

    Honestly, who would want to sign up as their permanent singer. Seems their protocols for termination may be developed by primary school children… quite immature.

  • Kathleen

    I have been a fan of Floor for well over a decade, and I can tell that she is NOT a copycat of Tarja. After Forever gained huge success in 1999, well before Nightwish was well established in the music industry. Both bands, and their respective singers, are original and from different backgrounds.

  • Floor4NW

    Honestly, she sounded amazing at the actual shows. A live video of a metal show taken with a cell phone doesn’t reveal the best depiction. She’s so into it and is owning this new role. I support her.

  • Floor4NW

    Wrong. Floor is definitely not a copycat by any means. If anything, she is the first of her kind. She is capable of opera/rock/pop vocals AND is a Master’s level voice teacher. Oh yeah, she’s also working on her metal screaming/growling/grunting too. She can literally sing any genre in the music business. If you know a copycat that can do all that, I’d like to meet them.

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