Korn’s Theme Song For “Silent Hill: Downpour” Featured In New Trailer

Posted by on September 19, 2011

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Back in June, it was revealed that Korn would be penning the theme song to the video game Silent Hill: Downpour. Even before hearing a snippet of Korn’s contribution, fans of the survival horror video game series protested the pairing with an online petition called “No Korn in Silent Hill: Downpour.” Well it looks like the protesting didn’t do any good, because Korn’s theme song for the video game can now be heard in a new trailer for the game.

After watching the trailer and giving the song a listen, we still can’t understand why there was such a commotion over Korn’s involvement. Granted we’ve never been avid players of the Silent Hill series, but the song seems to work well in the trailer. Plus, it’s not like Korn used a song from their upcoming dubstep album for the video game (imagine the main character walking through an abandoned house to the sounds of “wub wub wub”).

You can watch the trailer and hear Korn’s theme song for yourself in the video above.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=719325572 Jeffrey Dean

    That song sounds like Korn trying to sound like Disturbed.

  • Yepwatermelon

    if you’ve ever played any of the silent hill games you’ll know that up till this point the music is specifically tailored to the games and the soundtracks are near perfection. The silent hill games have never been about action they’ve always been about isolation, atmosphere, and a beautifully tailored experience. Because of this I, like many silent hill fans, was afraid that this song wouldn’t fit, and it doesn’t. Korn’s song, as expected, is befitting of something along the lines of an action game. It just doesn’t fit. Give a listen to any of the silent hill soundtracks and i’m sure you will all agree.

  • Erin

    Just because the fans aren’t happy with Korn making the theme doesn’t mean we all hate Korn. The song just doesn’t fit and is turning people away from the game. It doesn’t create that same atmosphere that was so crucial to the game. I’m tired of people acting like we’re attacking Korn when we’re just not happy with the choice  to have them make the song.

  • http://rhiannonreyes.tumblr.com/ Rhiannon

    No, no, no.  Korn is an even better fit for this game than Yamaoka or McGyllis.  You know why?  One reason (of many) is because Yamaoka was not involved in this game’s development.  It wouldn’t make sense to shoehorn him into this iteration.  The whole “tradition” of this is worn out. 

    The personnel and business structure has changed so much since the first three games that trying to force the same shit in for sentimentality’s sake or fanservice will only kill opportunities for innovation in future games.  It’s exactly like when successive developers have tried to bring Pyramid Head back, even though he doesn’t belong anywhere except Silent Hill 2.  So Korn’s theme song is a much needed breath of fresh air.

    Further, are you really trying to tell me that “Theme of Laura” didn’t completely mask what was laying in wait for you in Silent Hill 2?  When I first popped that disc in my PS2 ten years ago and heard that song come on, I was like, WTF?  Soap opera.  It was my first game in the series, so that light little rock tune was my first impression.  I thought the game was gonna be completely lame.  By the time I got through it with my mind totally ravaged, I deemed the opening song as beautiful and haunting, but grossly misleading.  Why hadn’t the theme song been metal?  Something brutal and dark would have given a more accurate impression. 

    Well, now we have Korn.  And it fucking fits.