Alice In Chains Perform On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’; Jerry Cantrell Cuts Hair

Posted by on April 11, 2013


It’s been a few weeks since we first heard Alice In Chains’ “Stone,” and we still can’t get over that awesome riff. The band played on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, and we can confirm that it kicks ass in a live setting as well. The band appeared on the show, playing that song, as well as “Hollow” and “Man In the Box” in support of their forthcoming album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which is due out on May 28. “Hollow” seemed a little more uptempo, taking on a life of its own as well. And not that it has anything to do with the music, but there’s something a little off-putting about guitarist Jerry Cantrell sans hair. At least Mike Inez is still flying the longhair flag. Check out the other songs performed after the jump.




“Man in the Box”



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  • Jerry must not be friends with his bandmates anymore, because friends dont let friends……(can anyone finish this sentence?)

  • J Ro

    cut their hair

  • I think Jerr’s Hair looks good. The stylist might have cut it a little too short for my taste, I think he looks best with slightly less than shoulder length, but I swear with this cut he looks 10 years YOUNGER- thats sexy-lol. Besides now he can see his chords-hahahaaah! Seans goods real goood!!!! Keep rocking it guys in honor of Layne and Mike- Love ya.

  • jwuori1635

    give friends haircuts

  • @AliceInChains New Song “Jerry Cantrell Cuts Hair” http://www.metalinsider.net/video/alice-in-chains-perform-on-jimmy-kimmel-live-jerry-cantrell-cuts-hair … via @metalinsider

  • @AliceInChains New Song “Jerry Cantrell Cuts Hair” http://www.metalinsider.net/vi… … via @metalinsider

  • @AliceInChains New Song “Jerry Cantrell Cuts Hair”http://www.metalinsider.net/vi… … via @metalinsider

  • @AliceInChains New Song “Jerry Cantrell Cuts Hair” http://www.metalinsider.net/vi … … via @metalinsider http://disq.us/8ctoqb

  • you dumb as fuck. he looks lame as shit now.


  • Kinda weird seeing him with short hair..but he don’t look too bad. the dude is 47 year old…can’t expect him to be ozzy and have his long locks forever ;p

  • j

    CUT YOUR FUCKING HAIR! …he looks mo

  • j

    they are lame as fuck now anyways. Enjoy the fag boy hair cut.

  • Juan

    Jerry looks good.

  • Kristen Elizabeth

    oh man, Jerry! Why? Well hey if you like it than rock it. Your still the best guitarist alive.

  • Greg Brown

    Brad Wilk is the Severus Snape of rock, and Joe Satriani is Voldemort of rock. they’re both freakin’ wizards

  • Megadave

    friends don’t let friends get other friends haircuts. 🙂