Danny Carey Jams With Teens At The School Of Rock, Gives An Update On Tool’s New Album

Posted by on May 24, 2012

Consider us extremely jealous of these particular teenagers. Last Friday (May 18), a handful of young aspiring musicians had the chance to perform with Tool’s Danny Carey at the School Of Rock in West LA. In addition to performing Tool and Led Zeppelin covers, the drummer also took the time to answer questions about his success as a musician and member of Tool.

Carey also revealed a few details regarding Tool’s new album, which he says they currently have “the framework of at least five good songs” and that they hope to finish the album by the end of the year. Last we heard, Tool were hoping to enter the studio by June or July. Now it looks pretty clear that we could indeed get a new Tool album by the end of the year, if not early 2013.

Video of Carey performing “Vicarious” with the teen musicians at the School Of Rock can be seen above, while more photos of the jam can be seen at MusicForGood.tv.

[footage via fasteddiexxx]

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  • Hawaiisurfer25

    The band members said that they had about five songs two years ago and here we are two years later and they still just have the framework for five songs?

  • Pizzahunter2011

    Lol I wonder how old those kids are.  I dont wanna sound like a dick but they should take some singing lessons or something… The guy just mumbles or something… At least the girl sounds assertive enough. Remind me to never record myself singing I probably sound really bad lol. I wish I could go to school of rock O.o

  • Qualeoha

    “Pretty clear” a new album by next year? They only have 5 songs written. Which is actually most of a Tool record right there. On a more positive note, Adam Jones was recently working on a “new Tool project” for the this Fall. Has to do with film-making and not recording? New live album or other multi-media project? A new video for a single?

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