Metallica release demo version of ‘The Lords of Summer’

Posted by on March 19, 2014

The only problem with Metallica’s new song, “The Lords of Summer,” that they debuted on Sunday (16) in Bogota, Colombia was the quality of the audio. Regardless of how many camera angles there were, an iPhone can only capture live audio so well. Thankfully, Metallica have remedied that by releasing a “Garage Demo” version of the song. Even as a demo version, it sounds great. It’s purposely a little raw, but it’s the clearest it’s ever sounded. Also, you can now purchase the Colombia show on MP3.

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  • Nothing would make me happier than to see this album produced & mixed by a modern metal producer. Like, Jason Seucof and Andy Sneap. Josh Wilbur did WONDERS for the 10th anniversary of “As The Palaces Burn.” Or…I’ll push it here…Kurt Ballou. We all saw what he did to the newest Skeletonwitch, so imagine Metallica sounding like that!

  • Also…I know it has been said many a time…but how the fuck is Lars still in this band? He is the weakest link by a goddamn longshot. Another thing to imagine: Metallica with a good drummer.

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