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Metalhead coming out of dental surgery is the funniest thing you’ll see today

Posted by on May 4, 2017

Dental surgery. Oh boy does it suck. On the plus side, however, if you get knocked out, you’ll se on some pretty good drugs when you  come to. Nine years ago, “David after Dentist,” the original viral video showing a seven year-old wondering if this was real life, was the original indicator of that, and it […]

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Here’s Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” covered by bells

Posted by on May 2, 2017

You’d think that YouTuber Rob Scallon would have run out of ideas by now. What with his many banjo covers of metal songs, shovel covers, songs played with upright bass, one string, one fret, and even no strings, he’s done it all. Except cover Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” on bells. Well, he can […]

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This is the weirdest Slipknot cover you’ll hear

Posted by on April 27, 2017

Slipknot have been in the public spotlight for nearly 20 years, and their five albums have  become pretty much standards in the hard rock and metal communities for songs like “Eyeless,” “Duality,” “Psychosocial” and “Pulse of the Maggots.” There have been countless covers of songs by the band, but none as odd as the one […]

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Rage Against the Machine… gun

Posted by on April 26, 2017

We’ve written about davie504 before, specifically when the bassist played AC/DC songs on bass strings tuned to A, C,D, and C. So he’s pretty literal, eh? Well yeah, especially now that he’s decided to do a Rage Against the Machine medley on a bass that’s shaped like a machine… gun. Tim Commerford’s got enough iconic […]

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Ozzy Man reviewing moshing is hysterical

Posted by on April 25, 2017

The exaggerated narration of hyperactive Australian Ozzy Man has made him a viral legend, what with his unique accent and liberal profanity. His video clips are generally on nature, like the iguana/snake chase from Planet Earth 2 or a praying mantis and a cat ffighting. Recently, however, Ozzy Man Reviews, named because he’s Austrailian, not because he’s […]

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