Huntress Singer Jill Janus’ Top 5: Vocalists

Posted by on June 3, 2013

4. Glenn Danzig

Teenage angst personified. I was literally obsessed with Danzig in my teens, having recorded crappy versions of Misfits songs on my best friend’s Tascam four track cassette tape recorder in his basement. For years I wanted to meet him and came close many times. We’ve worked with the same producer, Chris Rakestraw (Spell Eater) and have many of the same friends. But of course, the magical night of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards brought us together. I was escorted into his dressing room, right next to where I met Rob Halford, and literally got on my knees and kissed his hand. Rob Zombie was seated next to him and I don’t blame anyone for thinking I was a mega nerd for doing that…but I have thought about that meeting over and over again and that was my plan. So fuck everyone, I met DANZIG! And it gets better! I sat stage right on the stairs during his performance at the Golden Gods with Doyle. By the way, Doyle is hunk machine. His body is insanely youthful and I’m wondering which deity he’s in cahoots with. During “Skulls,” Glenn runs over to ME and puts the mic at my mouth to sing the chorus…we sang it together. Yup. I had to walk away and weep in the wings. It was awesome.

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