Metal Insider counts down the Top 5 King Diamond records of all time

Posted by on January 31, 2019

03) Them (1988)

“Welcome Home” is simply one of the greatest songs in metal. Listen to Andy LaRocque’s crushing solo. It also ushered King Diamond into the MTV age with somewhat frequent rotation. I still remember my jaw dropping when I say this video pop up on Headbanger’s Ball. It was unfathomable that I saw a band like this on MTV – even on a special show dedicated to metal. Of course, today MTV is complete rubbish. I mean, Pepperidge Farm doesn’t even remember that the channel once played music videos.

                                           Key Tracks:  Welcome Home, Twilight Symphony, The Invisible Guests

02) Abigail (1987)

What? Did you think Abigail would be #1? Look, Abigail is one of my favorite records ever released, and I’ve listened to it as much as any record since its initial release, but for me, I love the darker, more distant sound of Fatal Portrait a bit better. Nonetheless, listen to Andy’s work on “The 7th Day of July 1777” and “The Family Ghost;” there is little guitar work in 1987 that sounds like that. Of course, King’s falsetto is at peak performance. Regarding lyrics and concept – THIS is the big concept record that all try and measure up to. 

                                           Key Tracks:  The Family Ghost, The 7th  Day of July 1777, Abigail, Omens


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