Metal Insider top 5: Louder Than Quiet’s favorite songs with guest vocalists

Posted by on February 24, 2015

3) Hacktivist  “Deceive & Defy” (feat. Charlie Holmes of Heart In Hand // R.I.P.)

As one of my favorites by Hacktivist, Charlie’s surprise appearance on the band’s new single does in no aspect disappoint. The rap/rock collective provided a brilliant “djent” instrumental, ridden perfectly by Holmes raspy shouting, intertwining on a wondrous cadence.


2) Suicide Silence – Witness the Addiction (feat. Jonathan Davis of Korn)

Mitch’s work in suicide silence was a monumental inspiration for our band. This is also one of the only
suicide silence songs with predominant clean vocals and they were contributed by another legend,
Jonathan Davis. It had a really creepy and haunting feeling that isn’t normally heard in songs with clean


1) Motionless in White “Contemptress” (feat. Maria Brink of In This Moment)

Last but not least we chose this song because of how Chris and Maria’s voices pair together. The low tones in both of their voices compliment each other and the song itself. The higher pitch of Maria’s scream also balances out Chris’s screams because of the tone and range being lower than hers.

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