Metal Insider’s Top 5: WTF Arrests

Posted by on May 13, 2013

2. Lostprohphets’ Ian Watkins Arrested For Child Sex Offences

Unfortunately, it’s not that unusual to hear stories of rock stars getting accused of sexual assault. However, everyone was beyond shocked when Lostprohphets’ Ian Watkins was arrested along with two 20-something year old women for conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 13. Yet it only got worse as the story developed. It was quickly revealed that part of Watkins’ accused crimes was an attempt to rape a one year old child. Watkins and the two women were also accused of two incidents of conspiring to engage in sexual touching with two young children; possessing, making and distributing indecent images; and possessing “extreme” animal pornography. While Watkins denies all of the charges, he has been kept in custody since getting arrested last December, with a trial date tentatively slated for the week of June 15.

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