Catalepsy guitarist arrested, accused of misogyny

Posted by on December 3, 2015

Catalepsy_Matt_Sutton_arrested_petitionFlorida deathcore band Catalepsy disbanded in 2013 after three albums, then reunited the following year. But the band’s guitarist, Matt Sutton, is currently the subject of a change.org petition to ban him from Facebook for being misogynistic. In just two days, the petition has received over 2,500 signatures, and the comments are full of stories from women that were harassed by him. It seems a little ridiculous and brash to have him Sutton banned from Facebook, given that there are plenty of other social networks for the guy to be a dick on. The organizer accuses him of some pretty shitty stuff though:

I believe that Matt Sutton should not be allowed to access Facebook.com as he uses it solely as a tool to harass (both sexually and non sexually) women he does not know. He spends his life threatening and badmouthing women. He curses at them, belittles them, taunts them, make threats, and even calls them repeatedly using the feature that Facebook provides. I also believe he should receive legal repercussions from his actions. He also is a known stalker and a racist. His account has been deleted several times (whether by himself or Facebook I am not sure) but he always shows back up. At first I found it humorous, but I have grown tired of his presence on the site, especially since a video went viral of him talking about engaging in sexual acts with underage children.

At any rate, Sutton’s harassment of women stopped at least temporarily, as he was arrested earlier this week on charges of battery and false imprisonment. That certainly would seem to back up the many claims that the women in the comments explain. This is a Bill Cosby/James Deen situation, in that if multiple women are claiming they’ve been harassed, there’s got to be some truth to it. Not to mention the fact that the guy was in jail. He’s out now, and hopefully his time in jail and this petition serve as a wake up call for him.

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